Tweets from 2011-10-14

@matt_L: @BillReese if you are in a country where iTunes allows you to redownload you could free up space by temp deleting music... # @matt_L: @BillReese also look for old backups of your iPhone and old version of your iOS you can delete. And maybe try cleanmymac # RT @nickygumbel: ‘A great oak is only a little nut that held its ground.’ #BIOY # RT @anthonysomerset: brilliant how iMessage "just works" only sent one actual SMS since Wednesday :) /// you have too … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-13

RT @andy_the_mac: RT @gussilber: Please don't call anyone with an iPhone for the next two hours. We're all busy downloading IOS 5. Thank you # Strange coincidence that just as IOS 5 is launched with a possible blackberry messenger killer, RIM pull the plug themselves! # Wondering if this will be the last time I ever have to connect my iPhone to a computer...wireless sync backup and update here we come! # @anthonysomerset ROFL! I just had to free up loads of space on my hard drive … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-12

RT @davideholden: Leaders: The better you are at surrounding yourself with people of high potential, the greater your chance for success... # RT @mattfry: I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers, Ralph Nader... # RT @TerryVirgo: My wife, Wendy's excellent take on grace # RT @terryvirgo: When some believers insist that everything is available NOW, they rob us of the great Xian virtue of hope. # RT … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-11

RT @pastoremase: Coveting is the bratty sin of entitlement where we believe we deserve more than the Lord has provided # @monty5811 The impact of Apple is felt not just in its own products but in the way others respond and emulate them often cheaper. in reply to monty5811 # RT @terryvirgo: Today we've exchanged contracts. We complete on 24 Oct & go straight to Kingston from LHR on Nov23. London here we come!... # RT @rickwhitter: "People don't always need to have their way, … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-10

RT @UnbelievableJB: Oxford Times covers 'No Dawkins' bus campaign # RT @perrynoble: THE TOMB IS EMPTY! Now...what were you saying is impossible? :-) # @nickdebois @lbc973 Why do some not learn English? Is it due to a lack of classes for them to access? Or some other reason? Any solutions? in reply to nickdebois # … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-09

RT @TerryVirgo: Solomon bought hundreds of chariots from Egypt. No need to wait for a rustling in the top of the mulberry trees now! # RT @pastoremase: Racism is the rejection of God's glory being reflected by someone in a particular people group (acts 10) # RT @NationsBeGlad "Numbers matter to God because people matter to God." (via @theresurgence) # @RuthieGledhill Hope things get sorted soon. With five kids I've spent many hours in casualty queues … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-08

RT @byHannahDavis: "Joy unspeakable and full of glory! And you have to wear armor as well. That's the Christian life." - @TerryVirgo # Why do Christians speak about the cross all year round but the resurrection only at Easter? Belief in the resurrection saves us. # Some people mistakenly thought @terryvirgo was retiring this summer. Check out his hectic calendar on his website to see how wrong that is! # A weekend spent with family is a precious gift. Don't squander it … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-07

@bobrobertsjr @davideholden @terryvirgo Bob, I told you, next time you are in Heathrow give me more notice and I'll come eat wiv you! in reply to bobrobertsjr # @bobrobertsjr You do know @terryvirgo was raised a good baptist boy don't you? & some Newfrontiers churches are also Baptist Union? in reply to bobrobertsjr # @bobrobertsjr @terryvirgo You can be baptist AND reformed AND drink beer if you like! in reply to bobrobertsjr # @adrianwarnock @bobrobertsjr @terryvirgo AND of … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-06

RT @DavidEHolden: A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others do. (Elms) # Looking for a tutor for GCSE Maths. Anyone local to me want a paid job? Anyone have a good tutor they have used already? # Can anyone help me with a church recommendation in San Antonio, Texas Enquirer likes Terry Virgo so would ideally like reformed charismatic # RT @Newfrontiers: RT @mobilise All new Mobilise 2012! 10-13 April in Prestatyn. 4 days, … [Read more...]

Tweets from 2011-10-04

Just realised @DavidEHolden and @colinbaron are on Twitter. Who else is missing from my list of Newfrontiers Tweeters? # … [Read more...]