I know it may sound strange that a qualified doctor would believe someone could come back from the dead after three days. But if you asked me Can you be Christian and not believe the resurrection literally occurred? I would have to say a straightforward NO. This quote puts it well. Why would you want to be associated with or follow someone you believed to be a liar? Jesus, himself, said, “The Son of Man will be betrayed to the… Read more

Its nice to realise that the ancient Greeks had problems with their architecture. In a 3D digital reconstruction of an ancient theatre The researchers found that 40% of the audience would have had their view blocked by the nine rows of nine columns. Instead of providing the best experience for spectators, the building was designed to emphasised the grandeur and spectacle of the auditorium itself. Virtual life for ancient theatres How many human endeavours concern themselves with spectacle rather than… Read more

You can use most websites as though they were ‘news feeds’ using this website to create a feed from any URL. Prety cool- go on Create a Channel Read more

I do believe that there is a difference between men and women. I hope that doesn’t make me a sexist, but it seems we are just wired differentlyThe Essential Difference explains this and offers two tests of your Empathy Quotiant and your Systemizing Quotient. Being a man I scored only 34 on the Empathy Test and 46 on Systemizing. This means I have a balanced brain apparently! Actually, that makes me not that dramatically masculine according to this, I put… Read more

Daypop – Submit Site Read more

Some people think its crazy to get married at all these days. Imagine the storm some of the sentiments raised in these wedding vows caused. The thing that stood out to me today when I re-read them (This is making me nostalgic!) was the following I will follow Him wherever he leads us, putting the extension of his kingdom before all worldly possessions and pleasures. Funily enough I don’t think I really thought that wherever would include a lovely house… Read more

Syndic8.com – Suggest a Feed Read more

This is a great help, and a growing resource if like me you are hosted on BloggerUnofficial Blogger Pro FAQ Read more

News Is Free Submit a site Read more

Voidstar Wether you are trying to find newsfeeds for your Amphetadesk or advertise your own blog, then this is a useful list. I will add here others that do not appear in this list. Read more

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