Chatting with the wife about my posts from yesterday she described what happened between me and God as my own personal Good Friday agreement with the Almighty. Fortunately although even I probably bent the agreement as much as it seems the Irish Good Friday agreement has been, God has never suspended it and I keep coming back to it. It really is SUCH a good deal on offer don’t you think? I cant see why anyone wouldnt vote for it. Read more

In a project of Owellian proportions Microsoft is developing ways of capturing the data generated by an entire life. Story: How MS will know ALL about you – ZDNet capturing the average person’s life would require about one terabyte (that’s a trillion bytes) of disk space. Over an active lifespan of 67 years, that estimate breaks down as: 100 e-mail messages per day; 100 Web pages viewed per day; 5 scanned pages per day; 1 book every 10 days; 10… Read more


What do you do when you see Kids not strapped into their car seats in someone elses car? Reuters Health Information report today In an observational study of drivers and their child passengers, they found that fewer than one in five children who were too big for child safety seats and too small for adult seatbelts were correctly seated in booster seats, using a lap and shoulder belt……….Motor-vehicle crashes are currently the leading cause of death among 4- to 8-year-old… Read more

Many years ago I asked my dad one Good Friday why it was called Good Friday. His answer remains the bedrock of my life ‘Because Jesus Died that day’. Why should such an event give rise to the name Good and not Bad I asked in a rather less sophisticated way as a child. ‘Why is it not Bad Friday and Good Sunday?’. I found a great quote over at Blogs4God which reminded me of how I felt all those… Read more

Todays trip to the Stock Car races with my son Henry (the demolition caravan race was the best!) further convinced me that there is something in the following quote (sadly I dont know who the authour is!) “The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing. But in our culture we apply for a curse and reject blessings. Something is wrong with this picture” Doug Phillips Read more

An interesting dilemna- I was asked to an Easter March and despite my churchgoing tendancies I think Spedeworth International wins- now to persuade my family! Read more

No one has ever found Jesus’ bones but it seems that they have found the box that held his brothers according to todays Telegraph Tests on a 2,000-year-old stone box support claims that it once held the bones of James, said to have been the brother of Jesus and an important early Christian leader, scientists have concluded. Whilst we cannot be sure and this story has been around for a while they say that the odds on a prominent Jesus… Read more

Once again in The Philipines as ABS-CBNNEWS.COM report Enaje will reprise his role least year as the main Kristo. He will reenact the via crucis or Christ’s way of the cross, complete with whippings and the weeping women of Jerusalem. He has been nailed to the cross 16 times. The Sangalang brothers have been crucified 14 times and Velez 15. ……..Six-inch, stainless-steel nails will be driven by hammers through the palms and in some cases through the feet of some… Read more

It seems to me that if you have a message to share like the Weblog pioneer who preaches the gospel of blog then Blogging may well be a good opportunity. Actually if you are looking for a good description of what blogs are that is a great article. I do love this quote from it He’s a preacher with a projection screen which could refer to me on a Sunday morning. Read more

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