No one has ever found Jesus’ bones but it seems that they have found the box that held his brothers according to todays Telegraph Tests on a 2,000-year-old stone box support claims that it once held the bones of James, said to have been the brother of Jesus and an important early Christian leader, scientists have concluded. Whilst we cannot be sure and this story has been around for a while they say that the odds on a prominent Jesus… Read more

Once again in The Philipines as ABS-CBNNEWS.COM report Enaje will reprise his role least year as the main Kristo. He will reenact the via crucis or Christ’s way of the cross, complete with whippings and the weeping women of Jerusalem. He has been nailed to the cross 16 times. The Sangalang brothers have been crucified 14 times and Velez 15. ……..Six-inch, stainless-steel nails will be driven by hammers through the palms and in some cases through the feet of some… Read more

It seems to me that if you have a message to share like the Weblog pioneer who preaches the gospel of blog then Blogging may well be a good opportunity. Actually if you are looking for a good description of what blogs are that is a great article. I do love this quote from it He’s a preacher with a projection screen which could refer to me on a Sunday morning. Read more

This blog thing never ceases to amaze me in its all new tecnology, take a look at the UKBlogs Aggregator this will show you summaries of all the latest posts at UK Blogs (which must only register at to join Unfortunately there seems to be an obligation to use a UK in the web address so I had to improvise with some free webspace I have never used at as a front page. The use of which website… Read more

Well this is something new the London bloggers tube map has me as their 411th London blogger, and you can find me by clicking on Walthamstow my local tube staton. This is a really neat bit of programing that may help bring londoners together. Funny we spend our time on the tube mostly trying to ignore each other (although a massive fire at a nearby shop at Walthamstow helped me to break the ice with another commuter today!) then go… Read more

Blair apparently said “My generation enjoy a thousand material advantages over any previous generation. And yet we suffer a depth of insecurity and spiritual doubt they never knew… Mine is the generation with more freedom than any other but less certainty in how to exercise it responsibly.” Blair concluded by urging his audience: “Together we [can] make this the young country of my generation’s dreams.” Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | The Blair generation His analysis is accurate, how sad… Read more

Last Sunday I spoke on legalism as being dead religion that occurs when God seems distant. Unfortunately much Christianity seems to advocate just such a view. No wonder Ludovic Kennedy in Guardian Unlimited: Put away childish things today stated Every week in their churches Christians belt out in hymn after hymn that “God” is just and merciful and wise, yet also, they claim, invisible, inaccessible and silent as night. These attributes are contradictory, for if the latter are true, the… Read more

Our natural tendancy to risk aversion fascinates me this article Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Girl, 13, dies after being hit on head by remote-controlled model plane immediately makes me question my long held desire to buy such a ultimate boys toy and yet I am quite happy to drive on the roads knowing full well that according to one magazine if I start driving for work I will be as likely to be killed as a quary worker…. Read more

Martin Roth asks Can we live without the Bible? and tells of how a college lecturer had told him If you wanted to catch up with the people in your church you didn’t need to do a diploma. I could have taught you in an afternoon what they know. Martin goes onto quote Prof Geeorge Lindbeck The decline of biblical literacy has been abrupt and pervasive. Language, culture and imagination have also been debiblicised at a remarkable rate.The decline affects… Read more

I came accross this quote on Joshua Claybourn’s Home Page “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” This made me think of the failures I’ve made and how sometimes in the past the job I wanted slipped through my grasp. Suddenly things are… Read more

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