Got Change for a Blog? Found this on a blog this morning “Christians, Christians… not to worry… not to worry… the war is going well — we’re doing an excellent job! The infidels are on the run. Just keep doing what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it.” “Those loud noises you’re hearing in our U.S. cities are not explosions of crime, injustice, filled jails, aborted children, racism, hatred, divorce, fatherlessness, declining education, addictions of all kinds, adultery, joblessness, egotism,… Read more

A lot of people worry about whether what they read online is true or not. You hear stories all the time about people faking their identity or just generally lying online. One ends up wondering what you can really believe. How do you know if the writer of this blog is who he says he is? Its as though some people feel that when people go online they morph into the biggest liars in the universe! I found a classic… Read more

Weblogs.Com: Recently Changed Weblogs Now this really is cool, suddenly I can be top of an automatic list of most recently updated blogs. This is kind of like a race you can never win but easily lead for a few seconds or maybe minutes. How classic of our modern society that right now at this moment it bothers me that I am ONLY in position 387 on that list and that I am writing this so that I can make… Read more Great Books Online — Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus and hundreds more Talking of words, I have to say that this website is one of my favorites. I love playing with words almost as much as my kids love playing with their new climbing frame. In fact words are a bit like that climbing frame- the finished product- a speech, an article, a sermon often looks simple, but there is much hard work that goes into putting that frame up I… Read more

Hi! This is Adrian Warnock here beginning his blog. Quite why I am starting today is anybody’s guess, but I think it’s something to do with being at the point of major change in my work life. Of course, the world is in flux right now also, and I guess the deluded part of me thinks that, at the very least, I would like to be able to read my thoughts again at some point in the future. Maybe these… Read more

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