The Truth Laid Bear: Weblog Alliances

The Blogdom of God now appears at The Truth Laid Bear: Weblog Alliances page! … [Read more...]

Update on Blogdom of God Alliance at the Ecosystem

I posted on evangelical Evangelical Blogging with a new idea yesterday. The response has been awesome. We are into double figures already, which considering a major flaw in my thinking on all this is fantastic!!!Having had some most excelelent feedback from some of you I have decided the following statement may now be used as an introduction to the Blogdom of GodA new Alliance has been forged. The God Blogs have begun to unite. This potentially formidable force is rallying aroung the banner … [Read more...]

The deadly sin of gluttony

More from the Times.... It is a curious fact that no man likes to call himself a glutton, and yet each of us has in him a trace of gluttony, potential or actual. I cannot believe that there exists a single coherent human being who will not confess, at least to himself, that once or twice he has stuffed himself to the bursting point......unlike pride, envy, wrath sins we can wholeheartedly condemn, sins that are hard to love there's something about the serious glutton (or some serious … [Read more...]

Seven deadly sins

From the Times Newspaper:Sin is not a subject, with the possible exception of certain behaviour at the office party, that is especially associated with the Christmas season. It is, though, a rather important Christian notion......According to one authoritative source, a schedule of eight great offences was first drawn up by Evagrius of Pontus, a Greek monastic theologian, who considered gluttony, lust, avarice, sadness, anger, acedia (spiritual sloth), vainglory and pride as mankind's … [Read more...]

Times Online – Comment

It has always been my belief that the arguments for and against the Iraq war are finely balanced. It is nice then to see a British journalist being very positive about the war. Lets hope they are right.Times Online - Comment: "Al-Qaeda had its Pearl Harbor on the ninth of September. It was a sinister and secret attack. The parallel with Pearl Harbor does not consist only of the profound shock to all Americans. When the attack on Pearl Harbor was being planned some of the senior Japanese … [Read more...]

Time to stop killing babies

Another prolife step: "Wisconsin now has a Born Alive Infants Protection Act that offers babies who survive an attempted abortion the same legal rights as other children. Signed into law last week, the Act gained support after articles described incidents such as one involving a 23-week infant born alive after an abortion and placed in a specimen dish to be taken to the lab, where she died three hours later."This kind of development is wonderful. The thought of a baby being left to slowly die … [Read more...]

The response rate for the gospel…

According to Mark, : "The gospel was never designed for an overwhelming response rate. " well tell that to the people of China or parts of Africa and Southern America at the moment. Tell it to those who still remember the Hebredeen revivals, or even Billy Graham meetings where thousands streamed forward. Tell it to the christians born in previous centuries in England and America who saw revivals with men like Wesley and Whitefield.Remember the Kingdom was intended to start small and grow … [Read more...]

An emerging blogger?

If you watch this blog you may notice one or two guest blogs from time to time. My mate David will be one of these. He has just made his debut posting about the emerging church. He has a habit of making me think about things and express opinions by asking akward questions. Thanks David I love it, keep at it!Well, on emerging church my views are emerging! No seriously, I am sure that like any movement in the church we can learn from it. However, if emerging church means not meeting as a … [Read more...]

A response to "A beginners guide to the Emerging Church" from Mark in Guernsey

As a 30 year old, I should agree with Andy Peck's article on Emerging Church (January 2004). However, for an article to be convincing, it requires informed argument.The claim that the evangelical church mirrored modernity is a paradox. Modernity dismisses faith as irrational and unable to be proved. Conversely, the concept of truth, and communicating it, has always existed in the church. Jesus told His followers that the truth would set men free. Teaching was given as one of the core … [Read more...]

A beginners guide to the Emerging Church

New expressions of church have developed in the last few years but many in traditional churches are confused about what these churches are and what they are seeking to do. Andy Peck looks to shed light on eight key questions we need answers for if we are to get to grips with what emerging church is all about. … [Read more...]

Medicine exposed!

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." Voltaire … [Read more...]

The Blogdom of God Alliance

NB This post has since been unpdated with ALL RESTRICTIONS NOW LIFTED!!!! See my new post on Evangelical bloggers. 'A new Alliance has been forged. The God Blogs have begun to unite. This potentially formidable force is rallying aroung the banner of 'The Blogdom of God'. Although now a small alliance, which could be seen to be like a mustard seed, will it grow as in the parable to be a large tree that birds can nest in?This is a group for people willing to describe themselves as God … [Read more...]