An emerging blogger?

If you watch this blog you may notice one or two guest blogs from time to time. My mate David will be one of these. He has just made his debut posting about the emerging church. He has a habit of making me think about things and express opinions by asking akward questions. Thanks David I love it, keep at it!Well, on emerging church my views are emerging! No seriously, I am sure that like any movement in the church we can learn from it. However, if emerging church means not meeting as a … [Read more...]

A response to "A beginners guide to the Emerging Church" from Mark in Guernsey

As a 30 year old, I should agree with Andy Peck's article on Emerging Church (January 2004). However, for an article to be convincing, it requires informed argument.The claim that the evangelical church mirrored modernity is a paradox. Modernity dismisses faith as irrational and unable to be proved. Conversely, the concept of truth, and communicating it, has always existed in the church. Jesus told His followers that the truth would set men free. Teaching was given as one of the core … [Read more...]

A beginners guide to the Emerging Church

New expressions of church have developed in the last few years but many in traditional churches are confused about what these churches are and what they are seeking to do. Andy Peck looks to shed light on eight key questions we need answers for if we are to get to grips with what emerging church is all about. … [Read more...]

Medicine exposed!

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." Voltaire … [Read more...]

The Blogdom of God Alliance

NB This post has since been unpdated with ALL RESTRICTIONS NOW LIFTED!!!! See my new post on Evangelical bloggers. 'A new Alliance has been forged. The God Blogs have begun to unite. This potentially formidable force is rallying aroung the banner of 'The Blogdom of God'. Although now a small alliance, which could be seen to be like a mustard seed, will it grow as in the parable to be a large tree that birds can nest in?This is a group for people willing to describe themselves as God … [Read more...]

Evangelical Bloggers unite- Hot off the Press.

Following a positive reply from the owner of the ecosystem, the Blogdom of God looks all set to become a new Blog Alliance at the Ecosystem! IF you support this and would like to be part of it let me know!In an email Reverend Mike expressed to me his enthusiasm for the concept of Evangelical Blogs coming together. The fact that he exists in my blogroll, and in the Blogdom of God but not the list of Evangelical blogs I am nicking from elsewhere showed me the need for us to produce a system … [Read more...]

A growing list of evangelical bloggers

I haven't had a chance to blogroll some of these yet, but thanks to Evangelical Outpost for this list of evangelical bloggers as a Christmas present to the Christian blogosphere why not reproduce such a list yourself on your blog- remember not all search engines read blogrolls!Adrian Warnock Anti-Climacus Army of One Ben Domenech The Billy Goat Blog Broken Masterpieces Certus Veritas Christ at Work Christ Web <span style='font-family: Verdana'>Clarity Amidst … [Read more...]

Blogdom of God newly updated

If you like seeing whos been blogging lately you can now also visit the Blogdom of God full list page. This differs from the main Blogdom of God Christian aggregator page in that more blogs are visible at any one time, that both Blogdom of God and Evangelical Aggregator blogs are listed and that extracts of the posts are not visible. It all just adds to the choice we like to offer here! … [Read more...]

UPDATE on blogging for God.

Show your solidarity in Blogging for God, pop over and visit the new ecosystem forum and express your interest in my proposal- lets make this our joint effort to promote Christian blogs. I have deliberately used the word Christian in this context rather than evangelical (although I identify as an evangelical). … [Read more...]

Building the Blogdom of God

Discussion still rages on the evangelical outpost's site following a post on this subject.Christian bloggers of the world unite.We need to link to each other. This can be done in our own blogrolls, in an imported blogroll of Evangelical Blogs, my friend at Christweb has put together, or via the two aggregators 'The Blogdom of God' and 'The Evangelical Aggregator'. More importantly than all that though is that we read each others posts and link to them in our blogs regularly. I am not … [Read more...]

New Layout thanks to Spiderman

I will of course at some stage replace the photo of Spiderman, probably with one of myself and the family. But thanks a lot for the new look Spidey! Let me know what you think..... … [Read more...]

Healing Iraq

Healing Iraq:"If you had lived all your life ruled by a tough dictator elevated to the level of a god and then suddenly without warning watched that dictator displayed to the public on tv as a 'man', you probably would have related with my position.The images were shocking. I couldn't make myself believe this was the same Saddam that slaughtered hundreds of thousands and plundered my country's wealth for decades. The humiliation I experienced was not out of nationalistic pride or Islamic … [Read more...]