Family planning experts get honest?

Times Online in discusssing the case of a woman who wants the courts to rule her unborn child had a right to protection: "family-planning groups say that if the court backs her abortions and various forms of contraception, including the coil and the morning-after pill, could become illegal across Europe. " … [Read more...]

Mugabe unleashed?

The Internet a tool of British imperialism, says Mugabe … [Read more...]

The Chinese are coming…..

The Chinese Christian Crusade: "There has never been a concerted and massive spiritual assault on Islam in its 1,400-year history. A tidal wave of Christian missionaries is about to wash over Islam. The sheer force and size of it will stop the growth of Islam in its tracks (that is, it can forget about claiming to be the fastest-growing religion on Earth) and cause countless Moslems to abandon their faith. It is cosmically ironic that Osama bin Laden's worst nightmare will not be American, but … [Read more...]

The Chinese miracle….

King of Fools: Christian China?: "Aikman estimates there are currently over 80 million practicing Christian believers in China, and predicts that within three decades this number will quintuple to embrace fully one-third of China's population. This in spite of incredible persecution by the Chinese Communist government. " … [Read more...]

What is important in preaching?

Five months ago I reminded myself of some thoughts I had written a year before on what I needed to focus on in developing my preaching. Today I was struck by only one of these- BE JESUS CENTRED … [Read more...]

Emotion tied up in words

It is interesting to think about words, and what they mean not just on a theoretical level but emotionally. One of the things that divides us is how we feel when we hear certain words. Take for example death. Many people assume that everyone is afraid of death. That is not the case. For those who genuinely believe that there is no judgement then why fear it? For those who look to it as a way out of their problems, why shy from it?OF course the very idea of judgement is another one, in … [Read more...]

Go easy on the single parent

Its struck me for a while now that those who critise single parents really ought not to- after all the single parent is the one who stayed! … [Read more...]

Forgive or suffer the consequences!

Unforgiveness evokes Gods wrath, it corrupts generations, it breeds hatred, it lives like cancer, and it results in misery Anon … [Read more...]

Generosity is the best weapon against materialism

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Preaching should bring an encounter with God rather than impart knowledge.

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Prepare the preacher not the sermon

Preaching is not the performance of an hour. It is the outflow of a life. It takes twenty years to make a sermon, because it takes twenty years to make the man. The true sermon is a thing of life. The sermon grows because the man grows. The sermon is forceful because the man is forceful. The Sermon is holy because the man is holy. The sermon is full of the divine unction because the man is full of the divine unction.................The Church is looking for better methods; God is looking for … [Read more...]

Why apply a sermon?

Preaching a sermon strong on information but weak on application is like shouting to a drowning person, "Swim! Swim! The message is true, but it's not helpful (Shelley, M. (1995). Changing lives through preaching and worship) … [Read more...]