Examples of mental anguish and depression in the Bible

Today I thought I would simply share some examples of when people got depressed or mentally anguished in the Bible.  If you are reading this while depressed, don't believe the lie that you are alone, or that God doesn't understand how you are feeling.  Do get the help you need from doctors and the like, but also know that even God's people have suffered in a similar way.  Knowing that you are not the only one takes some of the power away from strong emotions.  Here are some key examples, many of … [Read more...]

How has faith shaped our view of mental illness?

The folks here at Patheos asked me to host a broad conversation about mental illness which is inspired by the release of Amy Simpson's book Troubled Minds. You can also read and reply to the second question which addresses suicide.In this post I will share some quotes and excerpts from the first week's question which was really two questions:How has your religious community historically seen mental illness? – And how does your faith, today, shape the way you see mental illness?First, let m … [Read more...]