Call Me Biased

Call me biased, but I think this YouTube video is hilarious. This video may or may not be made by my daughter and her crazy friend Travis, making fun of LL Cool J’s song from the 80’s, I Need Love. The lip syncing is horrible and it’s dry at parts… but so worth it (my [Read More…]

Laws I’d Love to Break

I’m not a rebel or an anarchist. I understand that most given communities need laws and enforcement of those laws to maintain the peace and freedom within that community. But the fact is… the more industrially and technologically proficient our society becomes, the more ridiculous and unsuitable our laws are becoming! For example, don’t tell [Read More…]

Her Dog… Not Mine

Men don’t talk about it, but they often glean some of their identity from their dogs. That’s why a man should never own a wimpy dog! If only I had known. My wife’s mom called her up a few years ago and announced that her Bishon Frise was going to have puppies. “Do you want [Read More…]