10 Keys to Talking to a Man (or a Boy)

The following are some keys to successfully communicating with males of all ages. A woman, with her superior communication skills, can be a big help to the males in her life by helping and guiding them to learn to communicate better instead of being agitated by his lack of skills in this area. Men communicate [Read More...]

Why Your Wife is Reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Fifty Shades of Grey

What would you think if you found your wife reading the new erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey? I’d love to take a poll. Some men would probably be disappointed. “Why is Beth reading mommy porn?” Perhaps, in a world where 87% of men admit to looking at porn each year, many husbands might actually [Read More...]

Helping Them Cope When Tragedy Strikes, Pt. 1

  How do you tell your daughter that her best friend’s family has been murdered? My cell phone buzzed about halfway through church on Sunday morning, March 2, 2008. I recognized the number, a friend from Emory, Texas, but couldn’t understand why he would be calling me on Sunday. I taught a class of homeschoolers [Read More...]

Why Boys Need Self-Discipline (Even if Moms Sometimes Won’t Teach It!)


Why do boys needs to learn self-discipline? [Read more...]

Book Giveaway: When Your Teenager’s Silent

Mom and Teenager Talking

When our kids were little, many of us would have given our left arm for 20 minutes of silence. When our kids grow to teenagers… we can’t get them to say more than two words to us! “How was your day.” “Fine.” “Anything exciting happen?” “Nope.” “And Soccer? How was soccer?” “Same as always.” (Awkward [Read More...]

Book Giveaway: Terror by Night

Terror by Night - by Terry Caffey and James H. Pence

Last week, ABC TV launched a new true crime series titled Final Witness with the story of the Caffey family murders. The program was very well done, but there’s only so much of the story that they could fit into an hour-long program. The full story is told in the book, Terror by Night, which [Read More...]

Book Giveaway: The Power of a Man


You Haven’t “Lived” as a Man Until… You’ve been slapped in public by a beautiful woman. You’ve raced an expensive European sports car. You’ve been in grave danger and made it out alive. You’ve used your “power” as a man to help others for no other reason than you can and it was the right [Read More...]

Parenting Tips… from a Serial Killer


In the last year I’ve done some research for two different books; one was on dads parenting daughters, and the other was on serial killers. I know, I know. Great combo, huh? It started with my research about the Columbine killers for the book I was writing about bullying, but then my research expanded to [Read More...]