Recruiting Ain’t Like It Used to Be


5 years ago I claimed that recruiting and managing today’s volunteers “ain’t like it used to be.” I’m sure that any volunteer manager would wholeheartedly agree. At that time, my dad and I co-wrote a book, The New Breed, a nice little tool equipping volunteer managers and coaches to recruit, train, manage… and even fire [Read More...]

Why Teach Boys to Work?

Lawn Mow

“Work ethic” is defined as the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.  It is a belief in the moral value, benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character. Someone with a good work ethic is assumed to believe there is merit in doing hard work, having [Read More...]

When You’re Torn Between Work and Home

The Dude, four years ago, in all his glorious arrival.

In my profession, part of my job means actually doing my job. And part of my job also means lining up the next job. With book collaborations, I’ve done enough by now that my canon of material usually speaks for itself. But every so often, particularly the more famous an author is who’s seeking a [Read More...]

“Legitimate Rape” — Really?

Image Credit: (c) Xebeche --

“It is better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.” That’s an aphorism that Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri should have considered before he made what is undoubtedly the most thoughtless and outrageous statement of this year’s political campaigns. [Read more...]

Niceness is Not All it’s Cracked Up to be

Our culture currently promotes being “nice” as the highest virtue a man can achieve.  After all, like the bumper stickers say, “Mean people suck.”  It is easier to drift along with the current of the culture than to try and swim against it.  All the newer “guy” movies inspire males to be lovable, “nice,” slackers, [Read More...]

Strategic Planning for an Inescapable Event

Paul Rogers, one of the original Band of Brothers

At the end of October, 2009, I spent the weekend in Columbus, Ohio, at the 63rd annual reunion of the Men of Easy Company. We held a book signing at a nearby Barnes & Noble, then enjoyed a banquet back at the hotel. On the morning I was set to leave, I was down in [Read More...]

Call Me Biased

Call me biased, but I think this YouTube video is hilarious. This video may or may not be made by my daughter and her crazy friend Travis, making fun of LL Cool J’s song from the 80′s, I Need Love. The lip syncing is horrible and it’s dry at parts… but so worth it (my [Read More...]

Talking to Children about Mass Killings: A Parent’s Dilemma, Pt. 2

On September 11th, 2001, I knew that the world my children would grow up in had changed dramatically. Terrorism had been around for years, but in the past it was far removed; it was something that happened in other countries, to other people. But now it was here, on American soil. Deep inside, I was [Read More...]