Finding Belief in Yourself

Believing in yourself is a major distinguishing characteristic between future success and falling short. When you believe in yourself you’ll persevere and bank and bet on yourself. You’ll have the support of the ONE person who has the power to change everything in your life: YOU. Many people say they don’t know how or why they should [Read More...]

How to properly care for your dreams

  Nearly every day someone asks me: Is it really possible for me to have my deepest desires and dreams? My answer is always: ABSOLUTELY. The following ten tenets when absorbed and applied will shift the trajectory of your dreams and life. Make them yours. 1. You are enough. The starting point for any successful journey is [Read More...]

Creating your Dreams in 7 Steps

  92% of resolutions fail within two weeks. It doesn’t make the most sense to plan and prepare for an entire year of your life during the busy-ness of the holidays. It takes time to reflect, digest, and sift the good from last year. It also takes time to clean up and clear out our [Read More...]

The F Word: Faith

Have you ever had an experience where life bends over backward to get you to grow? I’m experiencing this now. I’m super-analytical, logical, and grounded. When challenged, I think, and think, and then think some more. I futurize and foresee every possible outcome, often in ways that feel like they’re happening in the present. I [Read More...]

My Worst Nightmare is Back

On a personal note… A couple of months ago, my mother was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance—just like my then husband, over a decade ago. She presented with a variety of neurological deficits—just as my husband did. During this time, she’s been in the same hospital that I watched the man and life [Read More...]

Spiritual But Human

This week has deeply challenged me. The news out of Cleveland where three teenage girls were abducted, kept as animals, sexually abused, and tortured at the hands of a monster for upwards of 10 years, has rocked my center. I am an active advocate of oneness, forgiveness, and love always being the answer to every [Read More...]

How I Pray

First, I will pray with anyone from any religion. To me there is no hierarchy of righteousness in prayer. Today, I want to share how I came to the way I pray when I’m alone and why it resonates with me. The following excerpt from Resurrecting Venus highlights the mindset I grew up with and [Read More...]

Why I’m Spiritual and Not Religious

I’ve studied many faiths, from Catholicism–the religion I was born into–to Islam, conventional Christianity, the Kabbalah, Buddhism, Taoism, and New Thought/Ancient Wisdom.  Every faith and teaching has beautiful qualities. Some portray God as a temperamental score-keeper and others as an amorphous energy with no capacity for personal connection. All agree that the fundamental essence of [Read More...]