How to Eliminate Mental Toxins – Part Five

Welcome to the final installment of the Detoxing the Mind Series. We’ve identified toxic beliefs & fears in Detoxing the Mind. We looked at permanently dissolving fears and erroneous beliefs by proving their falsehood. We began the process of fortifying ourselves and moving toward detoxing limiting beliefs and fears. In this final installment, we continue [Read More…]

How to Eliminate Mental Toxins – Part Three

If you’ve read part one and two of Detoxing the Mind, you’ve probably identified some hindering beliefs and fears about you and life.  Take some time to reflect on how these beliefs shape your experiences. Life mirrors beliefs. Every negative, fear-based belief we hold  influences our choices.  It is natural to turn away from discomfort to avoid whatever stands [Read More…]

Becoming Good Enough

I found an exercise from a class I took years ago. The assignment was to answer the following questions: 1) What are the true desires of your heart (the ones that endure & create a feeling of expansion)? 2) What stands between you and your desires? 3) What are the most important relationships in your [Read More…]

Rarity is Precious

Rare treasures are valued worldwide. Diamonds are really just pretty rocks that come out of the ground.  They are prized more than other equally stunning rocks because they are incredibly scarce. Elite athletes do a great deal less for society than teachers, but they are celebrated because they possess a talent far more uncommon (but [Read More…]

A True Gift

Wherever you are, whatever you practice, take a moment to appreciate everything that matters to you. Let nothing be off limits or judged as more or less worthy of appreciation. This is your life and you are a unique individual whose greatness is revealed by self-acceptance. Today, give thanks for all you’ve done well, all [Read More…]

Become the designer of your interior

One of the greatest obstacles to living one’s best life is a cluttered mind — a mind filled with thoughts, emotions, memories and audio clips from other people. Taken individually, no single bit of clutter matters, but collectively they create a mountain, separating us from the free, expansive thinking that creates peace, progress and innovation. [Read More…]

Finding Belief in Yourself

Believing in yourself is a major distinguishing characteristic between future success and falling short. When you believe in yourself you’ll persevere and bank and bet on yourself. You’ll have the support of the ONE person who has the power to change everything in your life: YOU. Many people say they don’t know how or why they should [Read More…]

My Worst Nightmare is Back

On a personal note… A couple of months ago, my mother was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance—just like my then husband, over a decade ago. She presented with a variety of neurological deficits—just as my husband did. During this time, she’s been in the same hospital that I watched the man and life [Read More…]

How to live a regret free life

At the end of your life, will you be satisfied and content with how you’ve lived? The bad news is that unless you discover and abide by your heart’s desires, the answer will likely be no. The good news is that you’re alive and it’s not too late to create a regret-free life. Earlier this [Read More…]

The Truth About You

Last week on my radio show (Hay House Radio), a woman called in and shared that she was being hurt by people repeatedly in her life. In a kind and loving way I asked her why she’d given her power away. I explained to her that she is a creation of the Divine and no [Read More…]