How to Eliminate Mental Toxins – Part Two

As I mentioned in part one, the things standing between you and your heart’s desires are your beliefs. In response, I received an email stating that some desires cannot be attained regardless of beliefs.  Based on the writer’s examples, I agree.  If your “desire” is to be Brad Pitt’s next wife, it’s not likely, though stranger things have [Read More…]

How to Eliminate Mental Toxins – Part One

Mental toxins, the weight of the past and fears not tied to facts can sabotage every attempt at success and happiness.  Because they “live” inside of us, we believe they are us. In truth, they are the beliefs, negative thoughts and conclusions we’ve drawn from people and experiences. Many of our beliefs slipped into our [Read More…]

Understanding the the Law of Attraction

I can’t sit by and watch another person judge and beat themselves up for not being positive or high-vibration enough to avoid attracting unwanted events. It’s nonsense and it drives me nuts. “After 5 years of practicing the law of attraction, I’ve lost everything (my job, my dog, my dad, my health). I’m angry and [Read More…]

Top 10 Myths About Meditation

Recently, I shared my meditation practice and the impact it’s had on my life with a new friend. She was intrigued, but her demeanor immediately changed. I noticed her becoming more cautious in her word and subject choices, as though she was in the company of someone who wasn’t as human as she. To bring [Read More…]

20 Days of fasting from negative self-judgment and criticism

The challenge is almost finished and thousands of people from all over the world are participating. It’s been true to its title, a real challenge. We learned to step back and observe the way we speak to ourselves. It’s not pretty. If you spoke to someone else the way you speak to yourself, they’d likely [Read More…]

21 day fast from negative self-judgment and criticism

July 1st is here and so is an incredible opportunity. Whether the summer sun is shining where you are, or the winter snow is falling, you need this. This challenge holds the power to meaningfully and materially change your life. From July 1st-21st, friends from every corner of world are making the commitment to refrain [Read More…]

Becoming a Co Creator

This week a dream came true for me. My book, Resurrecting Venus, was published by AMI and Hay House. My journey to publication reinforced my understanding (albeit limited) and awe of the Divine. It was a co-creation rife with constant reminders that I am not my creator, I am participating in creation. Resurrecting Venus is [Read More…]