The Best Revenge and How to do it

Every challenge presents an opportunity to forgive. If you refuse this opportunity, you continue to suffer and keep the pain alive. It’s common for decades old injuries to bleed fresh when you’re carrying the burden of unforgiveness. Who suffers most from the anger, pain, or resentment you feel? You, always you. Forgiveness benefits the forgiver [Read More…]

My Worst Nightmare is Back

On a personal note… A couple of months ago, my mother was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance—just like my then husband, over a decade ago. She presented with a variety of neurological deficits—just as my husband did. During this time, she’s been in the same hospital that I watched the man and life [Read More…]

Top 10 Myths About Meditation

Recently, I shared my meditation practice and the impact it’s had on my life with a new friend. She was intrigued, but her demeanor immediately changed. I noticed her becoming more cautious in her word and subject choices, as though she was in the company of someone who wasn’t as human as she. To bring [Read More…]

How to transmute pain into purpose

  A woman died. She wasn’t ready to go. There was so much left to complete. Driver’s licenses, graduations, careers and new families haven’t happened, yet. Her home, marriage and career weren’t the way she wanted. She was in the middle of life, she wasn’t ready. We all — in the end — die in [Read More…]

20 Days of fasting from negative self-judgment and criticism

The challenge is almost finished and thousands of people from all over the world are participating. It’s been true to its title, a real challenge. We learned to step back and observe the way we speak to ourselves. It’s not pretty. If you spoke to someone else the way you speak to yourself, they’d likely [Read More…]

How Forgiveness Benefits the Forgiver

This week, I’ve received a plethora of questions about forgiveness. People have asked: What is forgiveness? Why should I forgive? Doesn’t it let the other person off? What’s in it for me? How do I forgive?    and the biggie: How can I forgive myself? Forgiveness is a vital part of living your best life. [Read More…]

The Truth About You

Last week on my radio show (Hay House Radio), a woman called in and shared that she was being hurt by people repeatedly in her life. In a kind and loving way I asked her why she’d given her power away. I explained to her that she is a creation of the Divine and no [Read More…]