How to find peace in chaos

At some point in life, for many of us it’s often, we find ourselves surrounded by seeming chaos. Relationships spin out of control, we lose someone or something dear, our bodies aren’t healthy, finances unravel, everything we’ve worked so hard for falls apart. When one, some or all of these things happen, it disorients us [Read More…]

Three Powerful Prayers

New situations involving a leap outside of my comfort zone can shake me when I’m not paying attention. After years of being caught off guard, I’ve learned to stay conscious and connected. I return to three simple and sacred prayers that right me every single time. Prayer isn’t about asking a changeless God to do [Read More…]

Thou Shalt Not Judge or Should You?

Thou shalt not judge is a commonly espoused holy edict. Religious leaders admonish us not draw unfavorable conclusions about others and consequently many of us feel guilty when, inevitably, we appear to judge others. Refraining from judgment does not mean that one should  ignore potentially negative or non-beneficial information about others. When we encounter a behavior, [Read More…]

How to Forgive a Monster

A few days ago, in a post titled Spiritual, but Human, I shared my struggle with hateful feelings and non-forgiveness toward the monster who brutally held three women in captivity for nearly a decade in Cleveland. My feelings were raw and honest. Thankfully, as the days have passed, an empowered and freeing perspective has emerged. [Read More…]

The Truth About You

Last week on my radio show (Hay House Radio), a woman called in and shared that she was being hurt by people repeatedly in her life. In a kind and loving way I asked her why she’d given her power away. I explained to her that she is a creation of the Divine and no [Read More…]

How I Pray

First, I will pray with anyone from any religion. To me there is no hierarchy of righteousness in prayer. Today, I want to share how I came to the way I pray when I’m alone and why it resonates with me. The following excerpt from Resurrecting Venus highlights the mindset I grew up with and [Read More…]