We All Weather These Storms: Pagan Hurricane Relief

T. Thorn Coyle

.“There is Magic in helping others that creates a ripple effect. Each act of service creating ever wider circles of acts of service and compassion. One small act each day is all it takes to change our world.” – Peter Dybing We all weather these storms. Right now, Peter Dybing is helping to move trees [Read More...]

The Worship of Strange Gods

Humanity is capable of many great things.  One of the  things that I place on that list is the ability of humanity to believe.  It is upon our beliefs that we build the foundations of our everyday existence. From the small to the grandiose, everything we do is affected by the simple, constant fact that we believe. Everything we interact [Read More...]

Naturalistic Traditions: All Things November

Halloween Couple, by Cobalt123. Image via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  What can a naturalist celebrate in November? This post is part of Naturalistic Traditions, a column exploring naturalism in Pagan ways.  This column will cover seasonal celebrations, historical and contemporary movements, and ritual practices. Natural Cycles For places in the northern hemisphere with four seasons, autumn is giving way to the coming winter.  The [Read More...]