Witch on Fire: Samhain-tides – From the Poison of Death We Distill the Antidotes for Living

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It is Samhain-tides again, the final harvest; a time of acceptance that death comes for everyone in it’s own correct time. In reverence we embrace the sacred dark. Yet, in mirthful paradox, we affirm the deliciousness of life, staring death in the eye, raising our glasses to toast that today we LIVE, and live large to honor our beloved dead. [Read more...]

Star Made Witch: Witches and the Power of Storms


Storms are an integral natural force of the autumn season. Traditionally witches are intimate with the wild natural forces of the weather. While most folks are starting to retreat inside to the safety of home, perhaps witches are in the domain of the outdoors–their hair dripping wet with wild dark eyes–directing the wind and rain. [Read more...]

Wayfaring Woman: Winding Roads

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There are many roads that one may travel. Divine encounters with Hekate and Odin transformed me, leading me down winding roads that have shaped my spiritual practice in beautiful and unexpected ways. [Read more...]

The Path of She: Why Does the Goddess Matter?

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In our modern sensibilities, God is the fundamental construct for Divinity; the Goddess typically doesn’t even make the list. You may ask yourself: why does this matter? What do we gain from a feminine concept of the Divine? [Read more...]

Happily Heathen: The Positives and Negatives of Dedicating to a Deity

Freya and Freyr / Igor Ozhiganov

I am dedicated to the Vanic Goddess Freya and consider myself Her daughter. When I first started working for her, I was full of zeal and love for Her and I couldn’t really figure out why everyone did not want to honor Her and devote themselves to Her. Now that I have a solid devotional relationship with Her for a couple of years, however, my rosy cloud has passed. I have to admit that there are also some negatives to being dedicated to a deity. [Read more...]

The Lady’s Quill: To Listen

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To listen passively leads to anger and pain. To listen actively, while difficult, leads to understanding and acceptance. Will you make the effort to truly listen to another? [Read more...]

Dandelion Seeds: On the Fractal Nature of the Earth Mother

Fractal / Texture X

As we celebrate the changing of the seasons and the balance of day and night the Rev. Melissa Hill talks about the fertile Earth Mother and how to harmonize modern science with ancient understanding of this goddess who supports us with every step we take. [Read more...]