Dear Jasmine: Kitchen Witchery

Making Frybread

Dear Jasmine, I am new on my pagan path and I am interested in kitchen witchery or hedge witchery, I feel so overwhelmed by all the information out there that I just do not know where to start. What do you recommend? Sincerely, Dee Dear Dee, I have been a Kitchen Witch in my personal [Read More...]

Dear Jasmine: Family Friendly Gatherings


Dear Jasmine, I help run a local pagan group and we are wanting to make our events more child friendly. What can we do to as a group to be more welcoming to families. How many family friendly events verses the adults only events should be held a year? What about 12-17 year old age [Read More...]

Dear Jasmine: Ritual Robes

Example of a Golden Dawn robe.

Dear Jasmine, I am new to paganism and I am just starting on my path. I am starting to meet up with other pagans in my area and socialize. I am wanting to make my own ritual robe, but I am so confused about what to make, how to make it and what is best [Read More...]

Dear Jasmine: Fire Grounding


Dear Jasmine, I am very connected to the element of fire in all aspects of my life. I have trouble though at times grounding and I have never really felt a connection to Earth to use it to properly ground. What is the best way for me to ground? Can I find a way to [Read More...]