Hills of the Horizon: The Past is Another Country

The problem with extrapolation from history is that nothing is testable. The evolution of a religion over time is not a predictable and easily comprehensible thing, where we can look at a point in time and say, “It was like this then, so it would be like that now.” The process of deciding what needs to change is not one with right answers.
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Hills of the Horizon: Breathing the Year

If all the cosmos is alive, if there is a truly immanent theology, then that applies to time as much as any other phenomenon. The year is a living, breathing entity, one that shifts and shapes in consistent ways. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: Here be Dragons

The horizon realm is one of partial illumination where seen and unseen mingle ambiguously. These are pathways of the witch and so often eerily familiar. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: Heart of the Creator

Ma’at was the gods’ food, and human offering of ma’at enabled the cycles of reciprocity that maintained the condition under which ma’at could be found. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: A Christmas Carol

There has never been a convert to a new religion who didn’t carry something with them, I figure. Whether that something is traditional food for an old holiday, adapted to a new, or a set of customs, or some particular decorating habits, or whatever else, we cannot be where we are without giving due honor to where we have been. So the traditions carry on, and mutate, and become new things, continuations of the old ones. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: Green Man Mysteries

In the end of November, more or less, depending on how one tinkers with the calculators, Kemetics celebrate the Mysteries of Osiris. This multi-day festival is, in effect, the funeral rituals for Wesir, and thus serve as the template for all funerals, as all of the dead become Osiris on their route to the West. That is, however, not all it is. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: The First Primal Ally

The modern human came into being in the context of a developing partnership with the wolf. And if one believes in animal spirits, one can be pretty sure that Wolf remembers about that, even if Dog is carrying most of the load these days. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: Opet, Autumn, and the Wanderer

What does the common cultural motif of the god in disguise testing mortals’ hospitality have to do with the present day? And what does it have to do with an ancient Egyptian state festival? These questions, illuminated by filk music. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: the Mystery about Mysteries

We know that many ancient cultures had initiatory Mysteries of some sort or another, and we know that we can’t bring them back. What’s a reconstructionist to do? [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: The Village Games

Community practice in a village in ancient times would have had most people following similar customs, but that’s not always workable for modern pagans. That doesn’t mean one can’t have a meaningful Lughnasadh celebration in a group with only one Celt, though, and without giving short shrift to anyone else’s stuff. [Read more…]