Adventures in Wortcunning: Witch, as in Craft

It’s Witch, as in Craft, not some horrey old hag,
With a wart on her nose and a dress like a rag.
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Lamp & Labyrinth: A Vision of An Cailleach

I’m learning that we are what propels ourselves, while simultaneously being the largest impediment to our own growth. [Read more…]

Irish-American Witchcraft: The Morrigan and Samhain

One question I get asked fairly often is whether or not the Morrigan had a day associated with her historically and if so what would it be? The answer from a straight academic perspective is no, we don’t have any surviving evidence of a feast day or holiday associated explicitly with the Morrigan. The more nuanced answer is that the Morrigan has connections to several different holidays, but probably the most mythic connections to Samhain. [Read more…]

The Rantin’ Raven: Who’s Superstitious?

Years ago, I embarked on a little experiment: for an entire summer we wore clerical garb in public, except of course at work. It was illuminating. [Read more…]

Adventures in Wortcunning: The Keek-Stane – Part III

Coming home from Starwood 2016 with an obsession to build the last of my PectiWita working tools, was rather inconvenient. First off, Scrying had never been my thing, and Intuition always proved close enough for horseshoes (as they say…) Now that I was aware of its existence in the realm of possibilities, its veritible ubiquity within the craft tradition that called to my bones so deeply…well, I could think of nothing else on the plane ride home. [Read more…]

Outside the Circle: The Dark Legends Of Halloween

The night sky seems to twinkle more now or is it just me? The trees whisper on my walks. Most people say the year will be ending soon, but for me it’s just the beginning. Witches rule at Halloween. [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: Ritual for meeting your ancestors in the simple

When something is simple, by virtue of the nature of the simple, it is above hard and easy. Are your rituals simple in this sense, or are they subject to polarity? [Read more…]

The Blooming Staff: Eschatology – The Marker of Christian Occultism

As I continue my research into post-Crowley forms of Thelema, Christian theology, and other occult traditions (especially the teachings of the Universal Brotherhood, which Frater Achad led as Mahaguru starting in the early 1930s), one major point of difference has emerged for me between Christian forms of occultism and non-Christian traditions like Thelema: eschatology. [Read more…]

Book of Blackbirds: The Difference Between Faeries and Elves

Some think of faeries and elves as two closely related species; some may even use the words interchangeably. Faeries and elves are in fact probably at least more closely related than horses and donkeys, though in human terms (which terms the elves seem to enjoy using more than do the faeries, who don’t really care what you think), the elves would say it is the faeries who are the donkeys. [Read more…]

Wayfaring Woman: Guarding and Protecting Your Magical Workings

Magic is a process unfolding over time. In my experience, that process is most vulnerable in the beginning, when the first magical intentions are laid and the first threads of energy are spun. [Read more…]