The Cartomancer: Personality Test

Marseille Tarot, reconstructed by Wilfried Houdoin, Millenium Edition (Photo: Camelia Elias)

How often do we pose these questions to ourselves: What do I know about myself that others also know? What is hidden? What do I know about myself, but would rather keep a secret? What do others know about me, which I, however, am unable to recognize? [Read more...]

Witch on Fire: She Who is Without Oddness, Cast the First Stone

Heron at her Store

Then dawn breaks, and patterns form, the map of the universe unfolds before you, and it isn’t even a car you’ve been driving all along, but a tardis from Dr. Who, rendering time and space fluid and luminous. You can go anywhere you want to go, but you’re on a one-way trip, never able to go home again. Try putting THAT white rabbit back into the hat. In my world “normal” is spectacular; “natural” will blow your mind. Who am I to question what you are perceiving? She who is without oddness, cast the first stone! [Read more...]

The Path of She: A Lesson in Flying

Image courtesy of SheBard Media Inc.

It is our choice whether to live from fear or freedom. The Mysteries offer this teaching for those terrifying moments when our fear suffocates our freedom: loosen your grip, listen from the seat of your pants, and don’t worry, we are here. [Read more...]

Adventures in Wortcunning: Embracing the White Sage

Native bee on White Sage blossom / Anne Duthers

The first time I met White Sage was in the demonstration garden of my alma mater. I rounded the corner and heard angels sing as the sun opened the clouds and touched the softly rounded, large white leaves adorning Sage’s sturdy thigh-high stalks. For years after I sought and coveted this velvet soft touch and scent. [Read more...]

Why I am Still a Heathen

rune banner

Patheos is doing a summer series called “Future of Faith in America”. The Pagan channel’s spot will be up on August 26. In preparation for this event, our Managing Editor Jason Mankey has started a series for the month of august called “Why I’m Still a Pagan”. I think this is a brilliant topic, and I’ve really enjoyed the various responses so far. So to that end, here’s why I’m still a Heathen. [Read more...]

Dandelion Seeds: Pagan Future is Cultural Pioneering

Courtesy of Melissa Hill

Maybe pagans walking to the beat of their own drummer isn’t so bad. In this look at the future of paganism our differences turn out to be just as important as our similarities. [Read more...]

Irish-American Witchcraft: Sacred Tattooing – Decorating the Temple that is your Body

A second devotional tattoo to Macha, featuring a horse, blade, and hooded crow.

Our bodies, ultimately, can be seen as the most constant place of our worship, the central location that we honor spirit from, and for some of us tattooing is a way to sanctify, bless, and acknowledge that space and the Gods and spirits who are served from it. [Read more...]