Outside the Circle: A Pagan at a Gun Range

Paganism and guns isn’t something you see an article on very often. We Pagans love our wheel of the year and moon cycles, and magic as well as our love of nature and harmony with everything. I love my athame, and sword, but I would never consider ever using either besides in ritual. So, what was this Pagan doing at a gun range? [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: Four Steps to Fearlessness

Hiding your fearlessness is the only way to counter the claims against madness. What did you think that all that talk about being silent is all about? Some sort of a mystical act that no one really understands, unless you are the sphinx or some ugly witch from Romania? [Read more…]

Seeking the Grail: The Priestess is Dying

My pessimism is clawing ribbons into the flesh of my optimism. My soul is screaming for hope, for justice, for good things. Not just for this a Pagan coven, but for the whole world around us. [Read more…]

Full Frontal Magic: Exorcisms, Healing, and Getting Your Life Back

In a sub-series for Full Frontal Magic, I want to talk specifically in this article about clearing, banishing, and exorcism in relation to the healing process. [Read more…]

Adventures in Wortcunning: Wortcunning or Gardening?

Did you think gardening would be like sitting for a cup of tea with Granny on the patio? Those rare and beautiful moments are, believe me, planned and worked toward for days, weeks, if not months ahead of your visit. Especially if your Gran loves to garden. [Read more…]

Lamp & Labyrinth: An Cailleach’s Visit

Trying to articulate systemic change in my own psyche as a result of shadow work is like trying to describe Jackson Pollock by analysing where the paint rests on the canvas. I only have the ability to articulate the symptoms of systemic illumination in the mind. [Read more…]

Irish-American Witchcraft: Into The Dark of Samhain

The spirits deserve their due, after all, and we are moving solidly into their season: the dark part of the year. Some spirits in particular were associated with Samhain, and with the ensuing month, which in Irish is named for the holiday. [Read more…]

Book of Blackbirds: The Politics of Kindness

I believe that showing simple kindness, while not exclusive to Paganism by any means, rightfully belongs as one of our most basic core tenets, right up there with revering our Mother Earth as sacred and taking a stand against hatred, bigotry, and greed wherever it shows its ugly head. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: The First Primal Ally

The modern human came into being in the context of a developing partnership with the wolf. And if one believes in animal spirits, one can be pretty sure that Wolf remembers about that, even if Dog is carrying most of the load these days. [Read more…]

Outside the Circle: Samhain Divination & Throwing the Bones

Shuffle your Tarot cards, toss your Rune stones, read your tea leaves, this is the time of year for telling the future, and my favorite form of divination involves bones. [Read more…]