The Cartomancer: Fear of Words, Love of Labels

Where are YOU between acts of re-naming, re-framing, re-labelling, and re-calibrating? [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: Forgiveness As a Hook

If your motivation is not aligned with your action you’re screwed. There is nothing to forgive. [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: So what? On the tyranny of inheritance

When you identify patterns of behavior you relate to, do you say, ‘I also…’, or do you stretch it further and say, ‘so what’? [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: The Samurai’s Cut

An essay on power, how to align your ‘what, how, and why’ with focus and the whole suit of swords, just killing it. [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: Priestess, Oh Priestess…

Every reading of cards is a three-part process: Narrative, analysis, advice. [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: Between the acts

What’s between the acts, between crossings, thresholds, positions and attitudes? It’s not always action or choice. [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: The Art of Bibliomantic Moving

How do you read signs? Do you have a calculated system, or are you open to randomness? [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: A Moving Number

What goes through your mind when you move house? How attached are you to things? Memory? Ancestors? Zen? [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: Full Circle, Magic Circle

You’ve come full circle, now what? Is there a loop in it, a magic door to other circles? Here’s how you can think of your full circle as a magic circle. [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: Tarot for Dreams

Do you dream? I bet you do. Do you try to elucidate them? I would be surprised if you didn’t. Here’s a method, and an example, of how to go about it. [Read more…]