Pagan Defining Moments

As we look back on our lives, there have been specific moments in time that deeply impacted our future. In a sitewide series, Patheos asked its writers to describe their defining moments, and Pagan contributors responded. [Read more…]

Making Light: Profession and Occupation

The first thing I think of when asked about a defining moment in my life is the moment I knew that I wanted to study biology. This was one of a series of events that eventually led to my becoming a Pagan Priestess. [Read more…]

Druid Thoughts: Moments in Druidry

I ran a folk club in my twenties. I sing seasonal material, songs about the land, things that are intrinsically Pagan. One evening, totally out of the blue, one of the members said, “Sing us one of your Druid songs.” At that point in my life, I hadn’t even met a Druid. [Read more…]