Indecisive Anniversary Post #Patheos5Yrs

The problem with choosing a favorite post is they’re all my favorite! Actually, all the funny ones are my favorite. Never let it be said that I don’t appreciate my own sense of humor. So, for your reading pleasure… Pagan light bulb jokes, the art of forthright speech, Nimue, and a matter of ir/reverence. [Read more…]

Wyrd Words: Pointless Arguments (Part 2) – “Defining Paganism”

We don’t need an all-inclusive definition of Paganism, because we don’t need to speak for everybody. [Read more…]

Wyrd Words: Pointless Arguments (Part 1) – The Polytheism Debate

We could all argue about theology until we’re blue in the face, but in the end we’re only debating a matter of faith, as none of us has any objective evidence with which to support our case. This is a dilemma I like to call “Schrodinger’s God.” Read on for awesome stick figure illustrations. [Read more…]

Wyrd Words: 10 Pieces of Practical Advice from the Hávamál (Part 2)

More practical advice from the Havamal: How to Party Like a Viking! Remember, the party’s no fun if you can’t remember enough of it to know where you put your pants! [Read more…]