The Path of She: A Wisdom Dream — We Are the Storytellers and Stewards of Her Beauty

Our primal place in the great weaving of life of Mother Earth is not dominion, but sacred communion and protection. We are the storytellers and stewards of Her beauty. [Read more…]

Happily Heathen: Receiving The Blessings

Blessings can take many forms and come from many places. Make sure to claim your share of the blessings by actively participating in this exchange between us and the Heathen powers that be. [Read more…]

Outside the Circle: Top Ten Magickal Facts about Trees

I gravitate to trees. I can think of at least 3 places I’ve lived where loving the tree preceded picking the home or apt. The one in front of our place now gives it a special charm that I enjoy every day, especially when I need to refresh. Trees are calming, mystical and magical and bring a sense of peace to any trying time. [Read more…]

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The Cartomancer: Three Steps to Self-Enchantment

How do we allow for other modes of knowing to be seated in us as ‘more’, to use a metaphor from Vodou spirituality? Try three steps. [Read more…]

Star Made Witch: The Path of Wisdom from Personal Gnosis to Myth

When you have important wisdom to share with your spiritual community, careful consideration about how to best present it to your audience is key. [Read more…]

Full Frontal Magic: Deep Relaxation and Release

Generally, sleep is one of the most underrated experiences and it is becoming increasingly clear that it is evolutionarily critical. So why would I post on sleep as a magician? First, I want to, and that’s that. Second, it is a great place where magic, the occult and the psychological overlap. You can even be a hard core atheist and this will help you. [Read more…]

Adventures in Wortcunning: The Keek Stane

I have been studying and practicing my magick for a long, long, time. If I were the late President Lincoln, I could say it was two score and eight years ago that I began this meandering path. After a decade or two of study, I decided to begin to practice what I’d been learning about. One of the first things I did was start to collect stuff. Altar stuff. Reference books. Tarot decks. I needed tools. [Read more…]

Wyrd Words: What is Valhalla, and Who Goes There?

Many aspects in our tradition end up getting oversimplified into easy to swallow ‘Christianized’ binaries. This is most evident in the modern concept of Valhalla. [Read more…]

Dandelion Seeds: Saying Goodbye

The Rev. Melissa Hill says goodbye and reflects on her journey to becoming a writer and where she’s headed next. [Read more…]

Irish-American Witchcraft: Seeing the Sacred and the Secular

In everything I’ve read of the old Irish and Scottish folklore it seems pretty clear that there was no idea of separation between daily life and the numinous. People prayed and said charms over everything from lighting and banking the fires each day to preparing food, from milking the cows to bathing their children. The sacred was woven into the mundane so completely that the two were nearly indistinguishable. [Read more…]