Irish-American Witchcraft: Book Review – Runes Plain and Simple

Runes Plain and Simple by Kim Farnell isn’t a new book — its a 2016 reprint of a 2006 book previously titled Simply Runes. It’s a mixed bag, with some good sections and some less so. [Read more…]

The Rantin’ Raven: The Pagan America Project

All over the United States there is an enormous quantity of public art depicting Pagan deities. Murals, statues, busts, cornices, and plaques adorn courthouses, railroad stations, hotels, mansions, even factories. Why don’t we start looking – really looking – at the public spaces where you live. [Read more…]

Outside The Circle: Jailbreaking the Goddess

More than a grimoire of spells, at the heart of this magick is taking the journey into self exploration and deconstructing our thoughts to encompass an opportunity to grow and “create new ways out of old ways.” Part journal, part therapy, Lasara takes our hand and guides us into a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us by stepping into the stories that are our expression of deity. [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: Prediction Time

You can predict events accurately only when you’re mad enough to strip yourself of all your masks. [Read more…]

Star Made Witch: A Day in the Life of a Witch

A fellow traditional witch coming to stay the weekend is extra special and we always fill our schedules with magical pursuits. What follows is an abridged diary of a day in the life of a witch seeking spiritual gnosis. [Read more…]

The Path of She: To Wake, Perchance to Dream — Communing With Your Dreambody

There is no separation between your dreams and your waking life; awake or asleep, it is all one dream that can guide your personal growth and life journey. [Read more…]

Happily Heathen: Know Your Lore – Deconstructing the Brisingamen Myth

To many modern Heathens, Brisingamen is Freya’s beautiful necklace, made of gold or amber or gemstones, and gifted to her by four crafty dwarves. Her necklace is to the Lady as Thor’s Hammer is to the Thunderer. The story of how Freya won Brisingamen has been told and retold many times, but there are some details that modern retellings have left out. Would you like to know more? [Read more…]

Dandelion Seeds: When You Get Your Ass Kicked for Being a Priest

See into the process of dealing with reactions to sharing spiritwork publicly as Melissa Hill talks about the profound and confounding meaning of being a priest in a pagan tradition. [Read more…]

Irish American Witchcraft: 21st Century Hex

Of all the lines that divide the modern pagan community none may be so sharply defined as hexing. [Read more…]

Seeking the Grail: Weeping Liberty

Land of the free, home of the brave. The star-spangled banner is supposed to be a symbol of that. But, it’s not really a symbol of freedom for many. It was our flag when our founding fathers created this country and allowed slavery to continue legally. It was our flag when the indigenous people who lived on this land were persecuted, pushed off their land, and murdered. And, it was our flag when women didn’t have the right to vote. [Read more…]