The Lady’s Quill: Religious Virtues and Gods

The Gods that I honor most are the ones whose actions I most admire. So while I don’t believe in codifying them for other people, as my Pagan practice has evolved and changed over time, I’ve learned to look to my Gods for inspiration in ways to behave. [Read more…]

The Cartomancer: “Know Thyself,” but what does it really mean?

Go out. Smell a flower. Stay together. If it rains, open your mouth and taste the water. When you’re back, place your shoes on your altar. [Read more…]

Witch on Fire: You Can Lead a Witch to Circle, But You Can’t Make Them Coven

Priestessing means that you aren’t always popular. Some days you play the role of the “bad guy.” That part really sucks. [Read more…]

Seeking the Grail: Pagans, Curses, and the Quest for Power

Why is it that hoodoo and Vodou are suddenly so popular? And why is it that the baneful magic is selling off the shelves? [Read more…]

Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft: Family Coven and The Laws of Magick

Crabtree uses the Laws of Magick to demonstrate how Family Coven is a wealth of untapped possibilities of magickal creation and use. [Read more…]

The Rantin’ Raven: A Wiccan Speaks Out About Cults

Is Wicca a cult? Ask your minister, and he’ll probably say yes. Ask a Wiccan and she’ll certainly say no. Neither one will be lying. [Read more…]

Adventures in Wortcunning: Of Absinthe and Garden Laws

Allow me to introduce to you to the legendary Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and its distillation: Absinthe. [Read more…]

Wyrd Words: Why I’m tired of Heathenry’s F.U. Debate

Greetings, and welcome back to Wyrd Words. Keeping the Thor in Thursdays, every other week here on Agora! Some of you may have noticed that my blog was curiously silent for the past month. Believe it or not, the reason I didn’t get a single thing posted in February is because I’ve been working on everything [Read More…]

Irish-American Witchcraft: Being Dedicated to the Morrigan – Part 2 – Following Them

Life would be easier if I wasn’t a follower of the Morrigan, that’s for sure, but it would also be far less interesting, and I think less fulfilling. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: Narrative Theology II – The Eye of the Story

We look for stories that speak to important things in our lives. And here is a story about recovery, about disability, and about being holy, embedded in the nuances of a myth. [Read more…]