Outside the Circle: Into the Realm of Voodoo with Bloody Mary

Tales of the magic of the Crescent City of New Orleans stretch back over centuries. It is an enigmatic place where Voodoo, Hoodoo, Witchcraft, and even Christianity blend at a crossroads of spiritual power. [Read more…]

Seeking the Grail: Pagans, Curses, and the Quest for Power

Why is it that hoodoo and Vodou are suddenly so popular? And why is it that the baneful magic is selling off the shelves? [Read more…]

What’s New at Patheos Pagan (Nov 2013)

New blogs and columns at Patheos Pagan! Voodoo and Santeria, worlding, Heathen women, Heathens and interfaith, birthing hereditary witchcraft, Pagan leadership, and The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power. [Read more…]