Dandelion Seeds: Face to face with hatred, what do we do?

Though I am far away from Orlando, though I know none of those poor people, I am changed. Having gone through various initiations and oaths, having crossed the threshold of parenthood and felt the weight of the clergy stole upon my shoulders, I can recognize these things now. I feel the journey before me. I see it for many of us. [Read more…]

Making Light: Ares

War is an unfortunate fact of what it means to be human and when we find ourselves in armed conflict, we need Ares’ guidance so that our soldiers will be safe, skilled, and honorable. Without Ares, we are savages. [Read more…]

Druid Thoughts: Peace One Day

We treat war as inevitable and necessary. It isn’t. If you do anything for Peace One Day, use it as an opportunity to think about what war means, where the conflicts lie in your own life, and how to be part of the solution. [Read more…]