Witch on Fire: Hail Mercury…in Retrograde!

"Czech-2013-Prague-Astronomical clock face" by Godot13 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

The planet Mercury has been in retrograde since September 17 and will return to his direct path October 9th, so not long now (1). You may have noticed that communications have gone a bit sideways over the last few weeks, especially if you’ve been paying attention to the Patheos Pagan channel and the very hot debates on cultural appropriation raging there. This will account for some of it. [Read more...]

The Rantin’ Raven: Faith, Hope, and Clarity

young woman opening curtains in a bedroom

Having certainty doesn’t mean that we don’t need faith. It means we don’t need blind faith, the kind that places our lives and the responsibility for our own spiritual fate in another’s hands. And, it is in this sense, I believe, that the “certainty, not faith” statement was included in the foundations of the Craft, short as it was otherwise on statements of belief. [Read more...]

Star Made Witch: The Future of Traditional Witchcraft


I see in the future of traditional witchcraft a very personal relationship within the spiritual landscape. Witches will connect to the land spirits and will together be dealing with the current state of human habitat destruction. [Read more...]

Witch on Fire: Love in the Balance, A Poem for the Equinox

Ritual Altar / Heron Michelle

Learning to balance the “light” and the “dark” aspects of life is tough, but equinoxes are an ideal time to give these things some thought. I suggest closing the textbooks and going rogue to seek personal gnosis. Do you have a burning question that has never quite been explained to your satisfaction by any book or authority? Go direct. [Read more...]

Path of She: Meet Me In the Good-A Witch & Pope Francis

Photo by SheBard Media Inc.

As a woman and a witch, the Catholic Church has not been my best friend, nor the best friend of so many other groups that don’t fit the Church’s doctrines of the good and the worthy. But a fresh wind blows through this ancient institution in the form of Pope Francis. [Read more...]

Star Made Witch

Photo Courtesy of Sara Star

In my family, the great outdoors is our church. I suppose that is animism in a nutshell. I was raised with new age ideas and practices so it wasn’t a shock to them I’m a witch. My mom just figured we’d always been weird and what’s more typical of weird people than a witch in [Read More...]

Witch on Fire: Mabon Feasts Serve Up a Challenge

Pokeychan / Pixabay.com

…it is the struggles, the challenges, the grit and tweak against the grain of life that hones you into the powerful incarnate gods that you are, yes? This Mabon, dig deep and excavate gratitude for the lessons learned through adversity–including the coven kerfluffles. [Read more...]