A Holiday Visit from the Other Side

My Christmas gift was the flu. Well, actually I was gifted it in a pretty little bow on Friday afternoon when I was feeling just fine and then almost passed out at the grocery store. It was downhill from there. Afterwards I spiked a high fever and went to bed in the hopes of sleeping it off. Instead, I woke up not able to move and to be honest, the next 48 hours is a blur mixed in with coughing, sneezing, sore throat and a lot of Mucinex and prescription cough medicine.  But last night, Christmas Eve, I decided to forego any medication, thinking that the night’s festivities and the misery of the hovering flu would lull me to sleep, not even thinking that holiday visits would continue into the early morning.

At 12:30 p.m. I woke up to my Australian Shepherd, Guinness, whimpering. He’s quite used to nightly visits and normally doesn’t even lift his head anymore, but tonight was different. Thinking maybe it was our three legged kitty who snuck into the bedroom, I opened only my right eye to see a light up outside of the bedroom door. A line up of spirits. “No, I am not feeling well,” I moaned, and pulled the blankets over my head and shutting both eyes tight, sniffling into the Kleenex that I had been holding for over two hours, almost as a baby blanket. But Guinness continued to whimper and I knew that between my dog and the patient yet present souls, I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep. So I got out my notepad and told them to make it quick. Rude, I know. Sorry. So often we think of and mention our loves one’s names that have passed during festivities. They hear and they try to show you that are there through many means. So here were my visitors. They may be for you. They may be for someone you know. They may be for someone you think you know. No matter who they are, my job isn’t to question, I am simply the medium, the messenger between worlds.

First in line was a lady in her 80’s. She was quite short 5’0 or maybe even tinier. Not too sure about a name because she kept saying Helen, but also kept saying Paula (or maybe she was talking about Paul?).  She had a Polish or German accent and she showed me that she had kids and grandkids (and great-grandkids?).  She had a perpetual smile on her face and was excited that her cookie recipe was used this year.

Julie– A girl in her 20’s came through and said she had been murdered within the last couple years and that “they would not get away with it – she was making sure of that”. She said that she wanted her family to know that she was sorry that they had so much sadness and that she was okay. She showed herself with several relatives and said that she missed everybody.

Michael was in the service and was very proud of that. He showed himself in what looked like an Army uniform.  He showed, however, that he passed from Cancer and that his mom was with him in Heaven, but that many relatives often mentioned him.

Katie was in her teens and said she passed suddenly and unexpectedly. She said that there was a special ornament on the tree for her, but this year it wasn’t put up. It was okay, she just wanted it mentioned.

Everett/Evert (first or last name) – he was a handsome man in his late 60’s/early 70’s. Had blue eyes and sparkle in his eyes. He passed from cancer. “Tell my wife and kids that I said anchors away and I am having so much fun golfing…”

Delores (or Dottie) – She had short brown hair and blue eyes and was in her 70’s. She showed that she had neurological problems (maybe stroke/aneurism?) and that she suffered for quite some time. Her passing was welcome. She wanted her daughter to know that she was with her always.

Margaret – When I asked her age, she said she looked older than her age. Her sense of humor was wonderful. I believe she was probably in her 80’s. She had silverish hair. She said she passed with her family around her and they meant everything to her! She said she was with her husband on the Other Side. She showed me a heart, which is typically a February sign for me – so either birthday or passing date.

Patty (Patricia) – Although I don’t believe she knew Margaret, they came side by side. She also said that she was with her husband (Fred or Frank) on the Other Side and that she was worried about her sister. She sent her love to her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids (there is another on the way, she said).

Corey – A handsome teenager with brown hair and hazel eyes. “I didn’t kill myself,” he said, holding a cross in his hands. He looked like an athlete and said that he had been gone over 5 years. He said that he was with his sisters often.

Jeff – I could have spent all night talking with this man. He was in his 40’s/50’s and said that he passed from an accident. He said that he missed his ‘girls’ and he was in the wrong time, wrong place and would have done it all different if he had known. But he showed that he was spiritual and was moving mountains in Heaven.

Daniel – A teenager with unruly brown hair, brown eyes and a mischievous smile.  He wanted to tell his family that he was sorry that he committed suicide. He said that he had made the choice and felt awful that he never talked to his family, who said was very supportive. But he said that he was gay and he didn’t know how to talk to anybody about it. He felt like it was a sin. He had this aura around him that was incredible and special. He was helping others going through the same situation as a guide.

Richard – Tell Sandy that I said ‘hi’.

A man who said he had lost his left foot from diabetes  complications. He was acting goofy and dancing around.

A young woman who wanted to thank her husband for being good to the kids. “it’s time to move on….I like her.” She said she passed expectedly from a brain aneurism.

A handsome young male (late 20’s/early 30’s) with a first initial S – “I will always love you…I will always be with you, but you have to live.” he wanted his wife/girlfriend to know.

A young woman (in her 30’s?) who didn’t give me her name – Tell Kim that she is a fighter and she helped me fight. She needs to also.

An older couple, hand in hand- the husband was younger – as if the wife passed 20-30 years after he did. They also had a Polish/German feel to them. She had bright lipstick on and was smiling.

Others that came through with limited information –

John (passed from a heart attack), Maxie (had eye problems), Ray (was tall and lanky – had circulatory problems), Suzie (in her early 30’s) and a Bob or Rob (passed from a car accident).

Now…I think I might go take some cold/flu medicine and go to bed!

Merry Christmas,

Kristy Robinett

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