Be Good To Yourself

“Be gentle first with yourself if you wish to be gentle with others.” -Lama Yeshe   My surgery was scheduled for January 7th, but just a few days earlier, the hospital called and asked if I would come in to meet with them and have some pre-surgery testing. I was confused as I was told [Read More...]

The Jar

 To keep yourself on the path you want to be, beginning on January 1st – take 52 pieces of paper and write down specific goals or intentions. They can be fun or practical. Fold them up in a jar and choose one each week – and then DO IT.  Some suggestions:   1. Do 20 [Read More...]

Out with 2012, In with 2013 – Lessons Learned

As we wind down the year I like to do some soul searching and reflection by asking myself several questions.  What was I GRATEFUL for in 2012? What LESSONS did I learn in 2012? What INTENTIONS do I have for the next couple of years? What is my THEME, or word(s) for the next year It isn’t time for cynicism or [Read More...]

Your Own Worst Enemy

I sat at the blue cafeteria table, staring into space.   I heard the soft footsteps come up behind me, but I didn’t feel the need to turn around.  It just didn’t matter.   “I know you’re upset. Can I explain?”   I choked back the tears.  I didn’t want to give the very person [Read More...]

Merry Christmas

I have always thought of Christmas as a good time; a kind, forgiving, generous, pleasant time; a time when men and women seem to open their hearts freely, and so I say, God bless Christmas! ~Charles Dickens Merry Christmas from our home to yours! The presents have all been opened and the house is empty except [Read More...]