Final Chapter or New Beginning; Suicidal Thoughts

Packing boxes isn’t ever fun, but we were thrilled to be moving so we tried to make it as fun as we could. I’ve never been one to have someone else do it, the strong willed Scorpio that I am. So I packed, lifted heavy boxes, moved heavy boxes, and tried to do my part. [Read More…]

We Have Today

On Saturday, February 18th I hosted an event at the Hamlin Pub in Shelby Township, Michigan entitled Supper with the Spirits. This is an event that I do several times a year around the Michigan area where guests get to eat yummy food, have some fun and laughs and I bring through messages and insights from [Read More…]

Repair Your Connection

Sometimes I forget what normal is. No matter where I go, where I am, or who I am with, I see (and most of the time communicate with) those that have physically died. I try to bubble myself off with a white light, a shield if you will, so that contact is limited and I [Read More…]