Of Pagan Spirituality and Addiction

If you have the misfortune to be both Pagan and an addict, you may face the hurdle caused by the mistaken notion that Alcoholics Anonymous and other Twelve-Step programs are inherently Christian or at least monotheistic in nature. I hope here to lower that hurdle. [Read more…]

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To Remember Thomas DeLong, Who Wrote as Gwydion Pendderwen, On the Second (Now the Thirtieth) Anniversary Of His Going into Eternal Life

I remember the night I first met you On Bernal Heights, before we knew The Craft would cross our paths. The strident horn of your flaming car Drew me to the street: before The doors of Hightower, where Lord Randall ruled his mad Court of science-fictioneers, Van the Dagda read an Anglican wake Over your [Read More…]

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