Moving Forward

This will be my last post at this blog and at the Patheos Pagan Channel.

The Pagan Channel offered me a great opportunity to have my voice heard when I first started blogging, and blogging so publicly helped me understand my own role in the Otherfaith and how I would need to shape our developing religion. It’s time I moved on, however. I no longer feel Patheos Pagan provides what I need, and so I will be shifting all my blogging to the Other People’s WordPress.

I’m incredibly happy to have had this opportunity, and I’m sad that it’s coming to a close, but I know that it’s more important to actually walk my talk. And the way to do that is to move on. I wish Patheos Pagan the best, of course. There are many bloggers here who’s work I love and who I look forward to meeting later this year – or in the future.

Thank you for this opportunity.

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About Aine

Aine Llewellyn is a 20 year old girl creature currently mucking about in southern Arizona. She enjoys the winters and rain but can’t stand the heat. She is a difficult polytheist that natters on and on about her faith.