Four Gods: the Laetha

Before we begin covering how to worship the Four Gods, I want to go in-depth into each of these ‘new deities’ (you want to know who you’re talking to, after all!). Each of the Four will receive their own post, and as before, questions are very welcome. These posts will cover their role in the Westernlands and our world, their relationships with the other gods, and links to other relevant posts.the Laethathe Laetha, also commonly called the Firebird, was the first god of the Four that I en … [Read more...]

5 Songs for Faeryland

5. Blow (Deconstructed) - Ke$ha4. Girl With One Eye - Florence + the Machine3. Barton Hallow - The Civil Wars2. Once Upon Another Time - Sara Bareilles1. Weaver of Lies - Cherryholmes … [Read more...]

Introducing “Dalliances with Deities”

On the first day of the year, I spent the hours praying and divining. The New Year comes with new goals, and having the good will of my Gods was an important consideration for me. I rang in the New Year, lit incense, and wrapped myself up in the blanket of isolation as I prayed. And then, after the night fell around our city, I wrapped myself up in jackets and wandered the city in search of coffee. For me, in truth, there was little division between those activities.I have been involved with … [Read more...]