Rooming with Spirits

Firstly, go read this post over on the Wild Hunt. The rest of this post won’t have anything to do with what Jason’s post discusses, but you should go read his post anyway since it is excellent.What I am going to talk about today is living alongside spirits, or, as Sterling says, sharing your home.I was the first person to move into our house. The day I did, I gathered my supplies of incense, candles, and offerings. As I walked up to the house, I asked to be let in, and after feeling wel … [Read more...]

Monstrosity + Human Superiority

I trust the Morrigan, completely. But trust Her to what? Never destroy anything I care about? No, actually. It isn’t Her nature. I trust Her to be Who and what She is. That is, not human, not inherently conscious of human needs and limitations, not necessarily concerned with all the same priorities that I am. –Morpheus Ravenna When the Dierne came to me, at first I saw a very beautiful young man that held the world is in his hands. When he lifted his mask, I saw a monster.Like any god, each … [Read more...]

Small Spirits: Supplies & Schedule

We’re finally getting to the actual action of interacting with the little spirits in our lives. Please go read the first two posts if you haven’t already – they are here and here. I’ll also be re-exploring the issue of ‘monsters’ in another post, mostly as it relates to the Otherfaith though it can hopefully be applied to other practices!Here is a relevant bit from the first post of this series to keep in mind as we go forward: Faeries, here, are liminal spirits that are connected to humanit … [Read more...]

Small Spirits: Preparation

Before we even pour out our first offering to the faeries, we need to go over some basics. It’s important to note that everything I do starts from the standpoint that the spirits are autonomous and equal or greater than us. Both of those beliefs influence how I work and what I do. I am aware of other paradigms that people work in, but I won’t be exploring those in these posts.Because of my beliefs, I take this work seriously, and everything I do is based on respect for the spirits. That is wh … [Read more...]

small spirits

When I make the offerings, I put them by the door. Just a small tray filled with milk and bread, left out for the faeries. In the morning I fill those bowls and the rest of my offering tray with water, incense, food, and other offerings for my gods and spirits. A formal morning offering helps me set the tone, but all throughout my day I’m interacting with ‘smaller’ spirits.Though I feel close to the gods – and when they come to me, I sometimes weep with emotion – I am closer to the smaller ho … [Read more...]

Four Faeries

I'm going to attempt to write more connected posts, hopefully, and one part of that will be posting a small list of spirits near the end of each month. I know a lot of Pagans and polytheists who acknowledge, revere, or work with various house and land spirits, but the focus of many of our conversations seems to be on the gods. That isn't necessarily bad, but most of my time I'm interacting more directly with spirits than I am with deities. I've heard a lot of people talk about how unconnected … [Read more...]

5 Songs for Faeryland

5. Blow (Deconstructed) - Ke$ha4. Girl With One Eye - Florence + the Machine3. Barton Hallow - The Civil Wars2. Once Upon Another Time - Sara Bareilles1. Weaver of Lies - Cherryholmes … [Read more...]