briefly: Check-In

I am exhausted. Exhausted in a good way, but definitely exhausted.There were visits to awesome shops and restaurants, and I came back home to the hotel loaded with books. (And broke down on buying more journals. I'm bad, I know.)  I met some awesome people. I totally had a caffeine crash in the evening.The apotheosis of the Dierne went really well. Nothing like feeling like you're about to die on a roller coaster to bring Fear* into your life. There are pictures of the altar I put up for … [Read more...]

Fear is Not the Goal

I get down on my knees a lot for my gods and spirits. (And you should read that in all the ways you can, just so you know.)When I began working with the Ophelia, it was all fear and all stress all the time. I remember asking what she wanted from me, that she was putting me through so much. What did she want, that she was dragging me so low.  Why was she carving holes into my body and soul - I knelt and begged and pleaded.And then she came to me like the ocean, like the River, and I … [Read more...]