Oh No New Things

I woke up today to this post over on A Forest Door. (Okay, I lied; I woke up to dishes and then read the post.) I brought up the posts linked to, which can be found here and here, and settled in to read before work.I knew going in I would disagree - I'm a pop culture guy, a fangirl, the kind of boy who grew up on fanfic. I've got geekery all over my practices. I thread my religious ideas into my fanfiction. I skip back and forth, teeter and watch and wait to see if something useful will … [Read more...]

modern heroes

I happened across this post on Agora about hero worship that focuses around superheroes, and it made me want to do a little dance. While tumblr has me regularly immersed in what we call 'pop culture paganism', I haven't encountered it that often elsewhere. (And one of my posts on it received a comment that people are free to believe what they want, just as others are free to laugh at them. I think it should be obvious that laughing at someone just because they're different is a tad, just a … [Read more...]

Happy Easter

Though I prayed and prayed and prayed, Jack Frost didn't visit and deliver snow on this Easter. Thankfully, one summer years ago snow did line the hills of this city, and that is a memory I treasure.Instead, this Easter is hot and dry and causing me to regret my clothing choices, but at least I'm no longer fool enough to wear black. Spring is in full swing, and summer is readying itself to pounce. I know that Easter is all about new beginnings, new life, and hope (if we go by what E. Aster … [Read more...]

Why I am a Polytheist

[or, rather, Why I am a Polytheist who Worships New Gods]There's this little prompt here at Patheos to explain why we're part of the religion we are in under 200 words. So, I'm going to try not to be as wordy as I usually am while also describing why I'm a polytheist who worships new gods and some pop culture and geekish goodness.4. There's lots of gods, dude. At least, for me there are. Not only that, but there's thousands of spirits and faeries and such to interact with. My world … [Read more...]

Pop Culture Meditations

I'm quite lucky in that most of my (online) religious community and friends are also geeky and heavily involved in fandom of some sort. Even while our religions and fandoms may not be the same, there has been a deep well of information and ideas to draw into my own practice. We have a tendency to toss out the random ideas - curses drawn from movies or television, correspondences made around cartoon characters, superheroes elevated to god-status (well, that's hardly new) - and see where those … [Read more...]