Discernment (+ Others)

Discernment – the ability to judge well or, in religious contexts, understand spiritual progress – is vital to any thriving, stable religious community or practice. Without it, we can become lost, adrift, far from our gods, our spirits, and our people. We can lose ourselves. We can mistake our own voice for the voices of the gods.But we’ve seen discernment discussed often, and well, in Pagan and polytheist communities. I’ve written about it before and have a tag on one of my other blogs for d … [Read more...]

Witty Title About The Latest Mess

I was not planning on writing a longer post on this topic after my brief comment the other day. Ideally, all my issues surrounding the latest Issue - namely, Teo Bishop shifting back to Christianity, or converting, or whatever he's doing (because it's unclear and vague) - would have been handled in comments. Unfortunately, Teo Bishop has turned off comments on his post, and it does not seem that anything but praise is being met with any sort of response.Which means I'm going to have to write … [Read more...]

Community Community Community

There have been a lot of posts about community lately, including a few that missed the mark entirely (and won't be linked to, as the level of vitriol contained in them is revolting and shouldn't be shared). I'll link to a few below, but they really are endless.I have a community. There are a people that I talk to everyday and hang out with and laugh with and share silly videos with, people who I can talk about the gods and spirits and worry over religious matters with. None of them follow … [Read more...]

More on Words

I'm one of those fans. I spent a week one summer getting through each Harry Potter book. I power-read. (I'm hoping to work through them again, as well, though in a less speedy fashion. I've learned patience.) I spent most of my junior year reading as much fanfiction as I could get my hands on, and even before then I had read so much I would get actual facts in certain stories confused with ones that had been written by fans. I caught the lingo, though it changes (it has been a while since I've … [Read more...]

But We Have a Queer!

This is one of the many issues that has been on my mind lately: the idea that you can 'prove' that there are not problems of heteronormativity, monosexism, and cisexism in the Pagan and polytheist communities because, "We have queers!" Any critical thought shows that for the poor argument it is, but I still see it time and again...and again...and again.Modern Pagandom has a pretty clear, obvious, and historical problem with dissent. Or, at least, dissent that isn't painted in a flowery, "I … [Read more...]

Faith(s) + Respect

I’m pretty openly not-Pagan. I left that label a lot later than I should have, considering I had most nothing in common with the majority of Pagans I met and had ceased to share anything like common practice years ago. When I did leave the umbrella, it was for a simple reason: there wasn’t room for me under it – or, rather, I would have to change everything about myself to fit. Awa puts it very poetically: I’m tired of stepping into the umbrella to discuss Big Important Matters of the Communi … [Read more...]