One Linkage

I put together a devotional packet for a newcomer to the Otherfaith today. It was a very rewarding project, and I look forward to preforming similar services as the Otherfaith grows. Immediately after, I started working on a new post for the Otherfaith blog – another mythic story – and all in all I’m feeling pretty great about that.Productive days are awesome.Sunday is, as always, cleaning day. That means scrubbing the shrine down, washing all the shrine dishes, and otherwise getting my r … [Read more...]


The Otherfaith is communal.It has been, from the beginning. When my friends and I were discussing what we were lacking, it was clear – community. Support. We didn’t like that everyone venturing into Paganism was supposed to build their own path and craft their own way and build their own roof. Being unafraid to speak one’s personal truth was great. Being alone wasn’t.And we felt very, very alone. (This was also because we were Pagan and polytheist youth – around that time, our group was h … [Read more...]

Single Polytheism

Satsekhem wrote something the other day that caught my eye. It concerns 'deity collecting' and where hostility to such may stem from, and this quote struck me as very relevant: "It seems like an awful lot of monogamy in a realm that really doesn’t deserve it."I've noticed, in my wanderings and peeking in to random Pagan places on and offline, that there is a tendency to stick with one or two deities when it comes to worship and celebration. I can't exactly say this is de facto a bad thing, a … [Read more...]

Paper and Practice

This post isn't going to be about what you think it is. Don't worry, we've all heard those cautions about letting yourself become an armchair Pagan, never doing any 'practice'. Lots of interesting stuff to be had in that discussion, but that's not the one I'm interested in right now.I want to discuss how it doesn't matter what your bylaws say, it doesn't matter what's written on your fancy paper, it doesn't matter if your policies are open to 'anyone that identifies as a Pagan' - if in … [Read more...]

Woo Woo

An article I was reading today about hedge witchery stirred up some old thoughts about the role of ‘woo’ and how it is often approached within our communities. How we react to spirit activity and god-bothering, how we handle the ‘weird’ stories and experiences – depending on where you go, the reaction to these things will vary widely.It seems a lot in discussions of where ‘woo’ belongs in the community and in our practices that a dichotomy is presented: either a) we believe in spirits and god … [Read more...]

Faith(s) + Respect

I’m pretty openly not-Pagan. I left that label a lot later than I should have, considering I had most nothing in common with the majority of Pagans I met and had ceased to share anything like common practice years ago. When I did leave the umbrella, it was for a simple reason: there wasn’t room for me under it – or, rather, I would have to change everything about myself to fit. Awa puts it very poetically: I’m tired of stepping into the umbrella to discuss Big Important Matters of the Communi … [Read more...]