Aletheia & Redemptive Violence

We're interrupting our 30 Days of Devotion to focus on the Patheos Public Square topic coming up on April 23rd. We'll be exploring the connections between the People's gods and redemptive violence.With our next post, we'll be back on the 30 Days of Devotion – we're halfway through!Aletheia & Redemptive Violence Violence is a thread that runs through many sacred texts and traditions around the world, from animal sacrifice to the mass slaughter of unbelievers to Jesus' suffering and d … [Read more...]

Musings: Words

Before we begin – I've had three Pagan Tea Times so far, and they were all great. The first was one put on by John Beckett and Jason Mankey, a group chat that was super fun to be part of. I also met with Christine Kraemer, our editor here at Patheos Pagan, and had a great chat about all sorts of topic, including gender in Paganism. I also met with David Dashifen Kees, which was awesome because he's a techie (I love tech, but I am not knowledgeable enough to do it like David does). He was oodles o … [Read more...]

Musings: Love

Every Friday, in the ‘Musings’ series, we’ll be exploring in-depth or complex topics related to the Otherfaith and our gods. These will be wandering, wondering posts, and not presented in any expected order – they are entirely based on events or occurrences that happened during the week.This Saturday, we’re focusing on the concept of love in the Otherfaith.*We've got our musing post a day late, but it is thankfully for a good reason.Since January 1st, the end of Reunion, the gods … [Read more...]

Musings: Pride

Every Friday, in the 'Musings' series, we'll be exploring in-depth or complex topics related to the Otherfaith and our gods. These will be wandering, wondering posts, and not presented in any expected order – they are entirely based on events or occurrences that happened during the week.This Friday, we're focusing on the concept of pride in the Otherfaith.*My planner includes a variety of blocks, each sketching out when to study what, even when to eat – and also when to pray. Right al … [Read more...]

Musings: Purpose (?)

There were a lot of times last year when I asked myself, "What's the point of this?" 'This' being the Otherfaith, this religion, this type of life. I sat on the swing on our porch and agonized over this question. I asked myself why I didn't just stop. I could continue on my own, worship on my own, stop writing, stop talking about it. The religion didn't matter, I told myself as I sat on the swing, the sun setting on the mountains. Who cares?I was in a bad place last fall. I'd made mistakes, … [Read more...]

Why New Spirits

As I’ve been working on more in-depth primers for the Otherfaith, I’ve returned again and again to certain questions. One of these is, “Why worship new gods and spirits?”Why not worship an older, attested-to group of gods? Why not work with folkloric faeries? Why not choose a specific culture to draw from? People get a little nervous about new spirits, or at least ones that aren’t pretending to be ancient and historic.(And that, perhaps, is the key – that these spirits and gods are not fo … [Read more...]

Thoughts on the Laetha

Keeping in mind my last post – I’m going to attempt to write this as simply as I can.Last night I had quite the experience. At this point in my life, after dealing with spirit activity and being bothered by faeries for most of my life (as a child, as a teen, as a young adult), I’m rather used to the symptoms that can arise. Especially with the gods are near. Shaking legs, shaking hands, inability to focus or see clearly, manic energy, blabbering – all lovely results of being close to my holy … [Read more...]

Humans Vs. Gods

This space is for the not-human, and you are so very human. This post is going to be an interpretation of this myth over on the Otherfaith blog. I'm hoping this will help some of the new devotees understand what an interpretation can look like, and also to give my own ideas of what the story means. You can meander over to the story to read it, but I'll be providing a brief summary of the piece here all the same.'The Red Room' is one of the few myths currently published that focuses on the … [Read more...]

The Divine Victim

[No, not the one you’re thinking of – the one that gets sacrificed, is associated with crops, etc. etc. I’m not talking about that one.]Please be aware that the follow post is going to deal with likely very triggering topics for some readers.There’s been a lot of discussion of sexuality, sexualization, and fetishization (especially of youth) lately. The conversation uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, one is which my incredibly hardline approach to these issues. I think rapists and se … [Read more...]

More on Ethics in the Otherfaith

I was trying not to write this post. I've written a bit about the concept of 'evil' in the Otherfaith before, and you can find some of those posts here, here, here, here, and here. I've written a lot about problematic behavior, ethics, and 'good' and 'evil' because they're a) important topics to discuss in a religion and b) complicated and interesting to contemplate. I was planning to move on from this topic though, since the recent apotheosis of the Dierne deals a lot, whether we see it as … [Read more...]