Happy 5th Anniversary

Patheos turned five years old yesterday. Though I was still too sick to post then, I'm taking some time today to comment on how grateful I am to be able to blog here. My audience has been much larger than it would have been if I had stuck to my own little Wordpress blog, and blogging here has encouraged me to become more professional and polished. It's made me think about what I'm writing about and how to write about it, how to convey what the gods want me to say.Of course, at times I fall … [Read more...]


I've been very busy lately, hence why I haven't updated. I am still working on the 30 Days of Devotion, as well as the polytheist meme. School, and my 21st birthday, and working on having a mundane life have all caught me up in a storm.Over on my Wordpress blog, however, I posted up an essay I did for one of my classes.  We were meant to explore an experience that changed something in our lives, and I decided to write about the first time I met one of my gods.I'm also working on a very … [Read more...]

Reunion Eve

Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate, and happy Reunion Eve to those in the Otherfaith. Tonight, I'll be posting a variety of quotes from myths with links, all which connect to Reunion in some way.from the Founding of the West, which is rather plain in its meaning: The troop moved onward, pressing until all that lay before them was the steel and building of man and all that lay behind was the forest and field of Faery. Clarice looked in all directions, and with no hesitation slid from … [Read more...]

Thinky Thoughts

I'm not sure if I'll get another post up before Reunion/Christmas, but I did want to post some thoughts that have been turning around in my brain lately. Most of these will be about posts I hope to write in 2014, since a few of them I don't feel are appropriate to write/post during Reunion.Originally I was thinking of writing a series of Tumblr posts regarding offending the Four Gods and making amends, but I've decided to make them longer posts for here on Patheos. I'll be contemplating … [Read more...]

Happy December

December is my favorite month. The smell of cold air, the heavy clouds that settle into the city, hot soups and baked goods – winter is my favorite season, and December has always been my favorite month of all.This December will be especially busy. Job hunting will crowd my schedule, along with interviews, and volunteering is coming onto my plate in a big way again. I have tons of essays to write concerning the Otherfaith, mostly in preparation for the increase in outreach that I’m beginning … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Quotes

John Beckett posted about gratitude, and a part of his post spoke very true to my experience of Thanksgiving and its role in the Otherfaith (since it is part of our holy calendar): Gratitude in isolation can focus too much of our attention on ourselves and we can forget that not everyone has it so good. Our thankfulness that we have enough is no substitute for making sure everyone has enough. We accomplish this through giving and teaching, but also through working to change systems that oppress … [Read more...]

Update & Niches

I'm back in good health after dealing with a kidney infection, which unfortunately knocked me out during the week of Halloween.Once I got back to feeling better, I wrote up a post that likely would have been over 1,000 words. I finished it, flipped back and forth through what I wrote, and frowned a lot. And then I decided to strip what I wrote down to a few sentences. Most of what I wanted to say has been said, and has been said better. I'll just write what I feel the need to say and haven't … [Read more...]

Briefly: Identification

I used to be a boy. Was a boy for the majority of my life, until this year when whatever makes gender do what gender does switched and tumbled and turned toward 'girl'. Which was weird and disconcerting and terrifying, honestly.My expression of myself - lace, ruffles, obnoxious colors, dresses - all stayed the same. Which was off-putting to plenty of people but wonderful to me.When I first felt myself sliding into girlhood, I resisted. Partially because I knew what being a boy was and … [Read more...]

Gratitude Post

Last night, when a friend and I were discussing blogging and the Pagan blogosphere, I mentioned that I was grateful that I was able to write at Patheos. And when I thought about it later that same night, I knew how really, honestly grateful I am to be here.I've been able to reach a lot more people than I would have if I just kept puttering away over on my personal blog. And I've gotten exposure to a lot more variety of opinions and practices being here than if I were to just go off on my … [Read more...]

Private Rituals

Most of the time, I want to do ritual with other people. I long for a physical religious community. I try to build it as best I can (stumbling along the way). Community is important to me.But some rituals are just better in private.I’m the type of person that is constantly working. I’m either writing or reading or praying or putting together charms or whatever else is on the list for that day. I rarely give myself an actual break where I’m not doing or thinking anything. But yesterday I t … [Read more...]