Apotheosis [Prayer]

The apotheosis of the Dierne is a few days away, and I want to cover the three basic parts of the celebration that laity or those interested in the Otherfaith should focus on when July 31st rolls around. As with the basics of the entire Otherfaith, we’ll be focusing on contemplation – the symbols and meanings surrounding the holy day –daily action – how to approach the day and what to avoid in terms of concrete actions – and prayer.This will be a sparse post on prayers to use on the apotheosi … [Read more...]

Basics: Prayer (I)

For this series, we will be focusing on the path of laity and what it means to be a lay-person in the Otherfaith. This is the most accessible path and the one we should all start from when beginning to interact with the gods and spirits of this faith.The three most important parts of the Otherfaith are establishing right relationship, prayer, and maintaining a shrine. When we begin our work, we start with the first two (right relationship and prayer) and only bring in shrines and material of … [Read more...]

Briefly: in Texas

Last night, with friends, I watched the filibuster in Texas. Watching and listening, seeing the comments and hearing the screams - focus was brought to a lot of my life. In a way that shouldn't have surprised me, the events of last night clarified to me part of the mythos I've been working on for my gods.I wrote up a piece of devotional poetry last night, which can be read here.I talked a lot about apathy last night with my friends. About the apathy our generation claims to have, the … [Read more...]

12 Adorations

These adorations are for a Greater Spirit - Althea Altair. Greater Spirits are always either the direct children or lovers of one of the Four Gods in the Westernlands. Althea Altair is the daughter of another Greater Spirit, Adilene, as well as the Firebird and the Clarene. She is also the spirit I referenced in my post on meaning a few days ago, who told me to sit down and stop pestering her with 'meaning meaning meaning'.And, even though this makes me supremely uncomfortable to write about … [Read more...]

48 Adorations

Inspired by various adorations across the web. Rather than doing 99 - the typical number - I chose to do 48 adorations to the Dierne, as four is a sacred number to him.I was attempting to write up an eloquent post about love, again, as I found myself answering a question about the religion I am crafting by saying that, "I fell in love [with the gods and spirits]." No words came, though, and I spent the evening frustrated and smacking the keyboard in a feeble attempt to write. I decided to … [Read more...]

Respite Is -

Everyone handles challenge and difficulty differently (when it comes to religious stuff). For some, religious or devotional work gets pushed to the side. For others, devotional practices are even more important in difficult times. We can offer counsel or advice to others and encourage them to keep up with religious work and devotions, but it is always up to the individual and what they feel capable of doing.When life begins to feel like it's falling apart for me, I start cleaning. I throw … [Read more...]

Prayer: Is & Isn’t

[A note: I don’t feed or dialog with trolls, no matter how well-known their “names” may be. I simply have no wish to present attacks as valid opinions or arguments. I have a low tolerance for such people.]Prayer can look very different from religion to religion and person to person. We have habits we develop associated with our practice as well as smaller personal details (touching a body part, incense blends, lighting, activities we can pray and perform). This final post on prayer is not to … [Read more...]

Prayer: Why & When

No matter how much I may wish to, I will inevitably leave out certain reasons why polytheists pray, and I’m not nearly confident enough to claim that the following reasons behind prayer apply to anyone outside myself. As such, I would love to hear from other polytheists why they pray and what role it plays in their lives!The WhyPrayer benefits the gods - This can be interpreted a few ways. The way I’ve seen it most commonly meant is that the gods need our offerings and prayers to stay ‘al … [Read more...]

Prayer: How & Whom

I didn’t grow up in a ‘prayerful’ environment. Saying grace was met with low-level hostility, as was the idea of kneeling to a god. Many Pagans have this same mentality concerning kneeling, preferring to stand if they pray at all. (And here it necessary to note that I do not frown upon those that don’t pray but am simply acknowledging how most Pagans, in my experience, approach the issue.)Me – I kneel. I bow my head and lift my hands. I like doing so. It suits me. I’m equally fond of a stage … [Read more...]

Prayer [Series]

While I would love to discuss a few other ‘p’ words, comments on privilege and how it applies to modern Pagandom will have to wait (perhaps indefinitely). Rather, I wanted to begin writing on a topic near to my heart: prayer.The first prayer book I ever bought about prayer was A Book of Pagan Prayer by Ceisiwr Serith. When I first read it I was around fourteen and despised it – at least, the theology and reasoning behind the prayers. While I still find the book problematic, I now enjoy it. Pe … [Read more...]