A Challenge

Originally, this post was going to be a pretty short piece about anthropocentrism, delving into Otherness and understanding the gods as non-human. It's a topic that people are already talking about - here and here. But what started as a short post grew into a bit of an unwiedly one, so I'll be splitting up my thoughts into two posts concerning the topic. These will pretty much exclusively focus on the Other People's approach to the issue, and I look forward to delving into it. (I've got around … [Read more...]

Witty Title About The Latest Mess

I was not planning on writing a longer post on this topic after my brief comment the other day. Ideally, all my issues surrounding the latest Issue - namely, Teo Bishop shifting back to Christianity, or converting, or whatever he's doing (because it's unclear and vague) - would have been handled in comments. Unfortunately, Teo Bishop has turned off comments on his post, and it does not seem that anything but praise is being met with any sort of response.Which means I'm going to have to write … [Read more...]

Update & Niches

I'm back in good health after dealing with a kidney infection, which unfortunately knocked me out during the week of Halloween.Once I got back to feeling better, I wrote up a post that likely would have been over 1,000 words. I finished it, flipped back and forth through what I wrote, and frowned a lot. And then I decided to strip what I wrote down to a few sentences. Most of what I wanted to say has been said, and has been said better. I'll just write what I feel the need to say and haven't … [Read more...]

Briefly: Identification

I used to be a boy. Was a boy for the majority of my life, until this year when whatever makes gender do what gender does switched and tumbled and turned toward 'girl'. Which was weird and disconcerting and terrifying, honestly.My expression of myself - lace, ruffles, obnoxious colors, dresses - all stayed the same. Which was off-putting to plenty of people but wonderful to me.When I first felt myself sliding into girlhood, I resisted. Partially because I knew what being a boy was and … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Worship My Ancestors

This post is going to have a lot of anger in it, so I want to start by saying - I don't think it is wrong to revere one's ancestors. Ancestor worship is simply not something I currently do, and this post is about why I will not ever revere my ancestors of blood and bone/biological ancestry. Working with the dead, communing with the ancestors - I am not saying those practices are worthless. This post is about why I, personally, cannot work with my ancestors.Some day I may eventually revere … [Read more...]

Comments on Race + Religion

There's been a lot of discussion about racism and Paganism lately. Important discussions, necessary discussions.I haven't written a lot about this issue and I don't plan to. My approach is pretty simple - we live in a racist society. Pagandom does not exist in a vacuum. We are not magically exempt from the problems we live with in daily life.The reason I haven't written a lot about this is because I'm white. I learned about privilege (before I called it privilege) in high school when I … [Read more...]

Personal Agreements

Greatness shall come from concrete actions and words, from ethics and the implementation of those ethics. It is not handed down from the gods or spirits. Greatness is what we do, not a gift from unseen forces.Exploiting the violence and suffering of others, especially those already being fetishized and victimized by my culture, is wrong. It is especially wrong to exploit such suffering to recruit people to my gods and religion. My gods experience suffering and victimization and violence – t … [Read more...]

The Thrilling End of August

Stress definitely does a number on the mind and body.To say my religious life has suffered lately would be a massive understatement. Oh, I’ve gotten writing done, and praying, and I’m still chugging along, but I feel exhausted. I get writing done but it’s all circles and spirals and messes. My writing buds on the vine but it doesn’t blossom. The ideas crowd each other out and then none of them have time to come to fruition due to my exhaustion. My offerings are, well, offered, but not heartfe … [Read more...]

briefly: Check-In

I am exhausted. Exhausted in a good way, but definitely exhausted.There were visits to awesome shops and restaurants, and I came back home to the hotel loaded with books. (And broke down on buying more journals. I'm bad, I know.)  I met some awesome people. I totally had a caffeine crash in the evening.The apotheosis of the Dierne went really well. Nothing like feeling like you're about to die on a roller coaster to bring Fear* into your life. There are pictures of the altar I put up for … [Read more...]

Sex, Pleasure, & the Sacred

First off, I forgot two important links for yesterday's article. I'll be linking to a bunch of other articles as well.This post on John Beckett's blog is very much worth reading and I would suggest you go read it now. This post by Morpheus Ravenna is also good reading. Both of those touch on points I was making yesterday while also delving into other very relevant issues to modern polytheists.A post over on The Rose Bell caught my eye in the ways that I find similarities and differences, … [Read more...]