songs for the Dierne

I wasn't able to get up a full post today, but there will be one coming tomorrow. Until then, here are four songs that are especially fitting for the Dierne, one of the Four Gods I work with. These songs mostly highlight the combination of playfulness, urban life, and danger of this god, and two were picked out by a friend who is also working with this god.4. Repo! the Genetic Opera - At the Opera Tonight3. The Ready Set - Killer2. Phildel - The Wolf1. Fall out Boy - … [Read more...]


Unfortunately, life got in the way and I wasn't able to get up a proper post yesterday! Tomorrow will have a bit of a longer post to make up (hopefully longer - we'll see). Today, though, I'll just be linking everywhere and more.Over at Aedicula Antinoi, there is a wonderful poem: "The Marriage of Paneros". I must say that part of the reason I like it so much is because it made me laugh, multiple times, and by the end of it I was smiling like a fool because, well, I'm a fool I guess. And … [Read more...]

5 Songs for Faeryland

5. Blow (Deconstructed) - Ke$ha4. Girl With One Eye - Florence + the Machine3. Barton Hallow - The Civil Wars2. Once Upon Another Time - Sara Bareilles1. Weaver of Lies - Cherryholmes … [Read more...]

10 Songs for 4 Gods

Ever since reading about the Antinoan Feast of the Senses I’ve been enamored with the idea of creating lists of songs, stories, food, smells, and places that remind me of my Gods. (I do, actually, have a playlist for Antinous as well!) These are not necessarily offerings in that I place food on an altar or burn sheets of lyrics to the gods – though I’m sure that would work excellently too – but rather items that remind me of my Gods and bring me closer to Them. I find setting out a plate of treat … [Read more...]