Captain Hook becomes mayor in the UK

No, I'm not talking about that moronic comic book zealot, Abu Hamza Al-Masri. (Sorry if I caused any of you Brits to soil yourselves.) I'm just riffing on this get-up.

A milestone in the UK: Britain Gets First Muslim Woman Lord Mayor – Europe – News –

UK- woman mayor

In a major leap for the Muslim minority in Britain, a Muslim woman was named on Tuesday, May 24, as the lord mayor of the district of Bradford.

Not that it takes anything away from the achievement, but by way of context Bradford is basically the British answer to Detroit (only with South Asian Muslims–often from Kashmir–instead of Arab ones, and proportionately considerably more of 'em).

I love the Halloween costumes that some British officials must wear on formal occasions. We really should import that to the States, if only to enliven otherwise numbingly dull proceedings.

I suddenly have this urge to watch my beloved "Rumpole of the Bailey."

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