Cheney as the Smirking Man

Political life after 9/11 often seems to imitate fiction. Increasingly, pulp fiction, alas.According to Seymour Hersh--who's probably the most respected investigative reporter of our time and who has sources in government that would make a James Bond criminal syndicate green with envy--the US government entered into the assassination business big time after 9/11, and without any oversight or legal guidelines.  It really sounds likes something out of "The X-Files", only with … [Read more...]

Aren’t Obama’s critics the ones who keep getting “duped”?

The ever insightful Jim Lobe injects some perspective into the vacuous Beltway debate about Obama's alleged naivete in being committed to talking rather than shooting first in the Middle » Blog Archive » The Chalabsey Twins*Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman have been traveling around the country together repeatedly charging that Sen. Barack Obama’s foreign-policy ideas are “naive” and even “reckless.” But what they hope their audiences will forget is that both of the … [Read more...]

Give a man enough rope…

Is that roasted elephant I'm smelling?GOP cancer: Party could lose 20 more seats - John F. Harris and Josh Kraushaar - For the past 18 months, ever since the 2006 elections, congressional Republicans have been like a hospital patient trying to convince visitors that he is not really all that sick: a bit under the weather; actually feel better than I sound; should be up and about any day; thanks for asking.Suddenly — belatedly — all pretense is gone.The Republican defeat in Tue … [Read more...]

The number of Muslims in Congress has doubled

Indiana just elected a Muslim to Congress in a special election.Second Muslim elected to Congress - Yahoo! News Indiana voters on Tuesday elected a Muslim to Congress, only the second of that faith chosen in U.S. history. Andre Carson, grandson of the late Democrat Rep. Julia Carson, was elected to serve the balance of her term in the U.S. House of Representatives in a special election. She died in December 2007, after serving 11 years in the heavily Democratic district. The younger Carson, … [Read more...]

My post on MLK at Religion Dispatches

I have a post at Religion Dispatches on the perverse ironies of the unspoken complacency with which the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is often celebrated. Here's the final paragraph. Religion Dispatches - MLK's 'Dream' Unrealized and UndigestedIt seems to me that given America's glaring gaps today in economic justice at home and principled, constructive involvement in the outside world, King's "Dream" speech should if anything play as a stinging reminder of how little of his … [Read more...]

Religion Dispatches – “UK Muslims & the ‘War on Christmas'”

Have only written one piece so far, but I'm am now pleased to call myself a contributor to the interesting new progressive blog on religion Religion Dispatches.  My first post is on the topic of "UK Muslims & the "War on Christmas": Interesting and ironic news from the British front of the "War on Christmas." In the UK, some seemingly unlikely champions for the Christmas spirit are entering the lists. Muslims and Hindus are urging people not to throw the Baby … [Read more...]

Debate for sale in Washington

Posing as a shadowy emissary of a rich dictatorship, an investigative journalist approached a number of top lobbying firms in Washington DC and was promised with almost no questions asked all sorts of things--op-eds planted in newspapers, fake policy events hosted at think tanks, ...-that shouldn't be for sale in a democracy worth the name. It's a fascinating expose, though one I find sadly unsurprising after my own sojourn in the Beltway. Kudos to Silverstein for Ali G-ing these rogues and … [Read more...]

Was Blackwater just following orders?

The established stereotype is of diplomats as cautious and conflict-averse negotiators that struggle to rein in gung-ho generals and grunts, but as the Christian Science Monitor piece below shows in the Blackwater case it appears that it's the American diplomats who've been the trigger-happy buckaroos, violating even the modest safety protocols employed by soldiers in wartime. To the extent that an internal State review panel needed to remind them of that they need to make sure their guards look … [Read more...]