The Pentagon fighting one jihad, while endorsing another?

What's obligatory for the Muslim goose is evidently optional for the Evangelical gander. While pundits endlessly sound the alarm about "Islamofascism" and demand an end to what they dub a "culture of jihad", it turns out that the Pentagon has been shipping Christian "jihadi" materials to soldiers in Iraq! Not to mention working unusually closely (even by the Beltway's own incestuous standards) with a group that is dedicated to converting Iraqis to Christianity (read … [Read more...]

King Abdullah as the Anti-Christ

An  evangelical website speculates that King Abdullah of Jordan might be the Anti-Christ.  Another example of how Christians are allowed to interpret their scriptures in the most apocalyptic terms--terms which pretty much eagerly promise Muslims, Jews and other heathens a bloody end--but neocons and even mainstream observers feel they have the right to police Muslims' theological beliefs.   Another interesting thing about the worldview laid out in that article is how it … [Read more...]

Anti-Semitism and Messianic Doublestandards

Some interesting doublestandards are on display in an overwrought diatribe about the US government's alleged association with Islamic fundamentalists on Daniel Pipes' CampusWatch from July 2004. In it, an anonymous "professor of Islamic studies at a leading U.S. university" blasts the U.S. Institute of Peace for associating itself with two American Muslims leaders that he deems, with the flimsiest of proof, extremists. Like many neocon attacks on the Muslim community since 9/11, this … [Read more...]