Learning (and learning to be) Danish

Some non-cartoon related musings about Denmark."Danish queen raps radical Islam" the queen is quoted as voicing disapproval of "these people for whom religion is their entire life".I'm not sure how I feel about this point.  I certainly object to the way some Muslims subject every aspect of life and the world to a narrow, sometimes, purritanical conception of Islam, BUT I fear that this is not what she's talking about.  My worry is that the Queen considers a desire … [Read more...]

“Cartoons story uses a tired script”

The author is a good friend of mineCartoons story uses a tired script - baltimoresun.com Americans are thoroughly comfortable with what we know well, such as in thinking that the enlightened West basks in the doctrine of free speech while pious Muslims condemn hate-filled cartoons with violent demonstrations. … [Read more...]

A Lego artist

Some lighter fare... Nathan Sawaya makes his living creating custom Lego sculptures and murals.Here are my favorite: Han Solo in Carbonite Van Gogh's "Starry Night"(It's not so peculiar a medium given how Impressionism was an experiment with dabs of color and points of light.) The Lego PC … [Read more...]

The pig picture

It sounds like the delegation of Danish Muslims also has some explaining to do. Not all the pictures that it distributed in the Middle East in order to drum up support for the boycott were actually from Jyllands-Posten.  One bogus picture was particularly inflammatory, as it portrayed a pig-like man. (I've seen it--it's hideous.)I must say I'm disgusted, though not terribly surprised, that some Muslims would intentionally spread lies while on a mission to defend the Prophet's honor.  … [Read more...]

“Cartoons, Personal Agendas and Denmark”

Here's the conclusion of an informative roundup by Bookish.  The whole post and the often thoughtful comments are well worth reading.bookish » On Cartoons, Personal Agendas and Denmark The cartoons were deliberatedly published to promote an outcry from the Muslim community - particularly the orthodox part of the community. The outcry was desirable for the newspaper in sofar as it would further a political agenda. What nobody had anticipated was that the outcry would spread outside Denmark … [Read more...]

Hell in a handbasket

First, Palestinian gunmen in Gaza raided an EU office demanding an apology.  Then the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Syria were burnt down.  Now, a Danish consulate in Lebanon has been set afire inspite of water cannon and tear gas.  Iran's officially boycotting Danish goods.  Fresh protests have broken out in India, Thailand and Malaysia. And general consumer boycott of all things Danish n the Middle East shows no signs of waning. I guess it was just a matter of time … [Read more...]

The myth of Muslim power

Yakoub the Muslim Anarchist captures my scorn for all this Europe-is-under-siege-from-Muslim-extremism rhetoric: To claim publishing these cartoons is in any way a defiant act is like saying shooting fish in a barrel is shark fishing. Europeans have been vomiting all over the Islamic faith since the crusades, and contemporary examples pile layer upon layer of hatred and prejudice - whether it be Rushdie's Satanic Verses or Daniel Pipes' campus watch. Freedom of speech my backside! Well, here's … [Read more...]

Hypocrisy of cartoon architects revealed

Jyllands-Posten's defense has been refuted by its own record. Exhibit A: Rune Engelbreth Larsen reports in "05.02.2006 | JPs dobbeltmoral og Hornbechs kritik" (with my own bland  translation into English following): Nu har Politiken (4.2.2006) afsløret, at JPs dobbeltmoral også viser sig deri, at avisen i 2003 nægtede at bringe en temmelig uskyldig Jesus-tegning (sammenlignet med en dæmoniseret Muhammed med bomber i hovedet) - og med hvilken begrundelse? Daværende søndagsredaktør, … [Read more...]