French newspaper editor sacked for Danish cartoons

The plot thickens: [Thanks to The Predicate] Raymond Lakah, the owner of the French newspaper France Soir, has sacked Jacques Lefranc, the paper’s editor. Yesterday France-Soir republished the twelve controversial Danish Muhammad cartoons (see them all here, halfway down the page). Mr Lakah declared: "We express our apologies to the Muslim community and to all the persons that were shocked by the publication of the cartoons."France, of course, has far more Muslims than Denmark, both r … [Read more...]

Danes Finally Apologize to Muslims (But for the Wrong Reasons)

Cartoons and Hypocrisy:Danes Finally Apologize to Muslims (But for the Wrong Reasons)     By RACHARD ITANI In many European countries, there are laws that will land in jail any person who has the chutzpah to deny not only the historicity of the Jewish holocaust, but also the method by which Jews were put to death by the Nazis. In some of these countries, this prohibition goes as far as prosecuting those who would claim or attempt … [Read more...]

Whose fault is the Danish boycott?

When I look at analysis of the Danish cartoon controversy, I'm struck by how so many otherwise well informed and intelligent commentators simply don't get what's really going on.   The basic reasons for and issues involved in this  crisis are pretty easy to grasp, but conspicuously absent from most discussions of this saga.   Instead, one finds ethereal discursions on freedom of religion and freedom of speech, ideals that actually have precious little to do with this lamentable turn of events, as … [Read more...]

Op-ed on Muslim boycott of Denmark

Thought I'd share a partial translation of a hardhitting and eye-opening op-ed by Danish social commentator, Rune Engelbreth Larsen about the international uproar and political and economic crisis facing Denmark over the infamous political cartoons denigrating the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Jyllands-Posten . Like me, he sees this PR disaster as self-inflicted by the Danish government and sees a lot of doublestandards at work here.  I've only translated/summarized the first few … [Read more...]

Palestinians return fire by trashing Danish flag

Since the Danish government has refused to condemn the now infamous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, a boycott effort is brewing in the Middle East. Palestinians in the West Bank are getting into the act by denigrating the Danish flag in variuos ways.  This article in a Danish newspaper shows photos of Palestinians burning and walking on the Dannebrog [pronounced "DANna-broe"], or Danish flag. Fair's fair.  If the Danish … [Read more...]

Legos, robots & boring Danish food

An intriguing article in Wired on how the Lego product line has adapted with the times and prospered.  Lego built a global empire out of little plastic blocks, then conquered the wired world with a robot kit called Mindstorms. So when the time came for an upgrade, they turned to their obsessed fans - and rewrote the rules of the innovation game.A fact that warms the cockles of my Lego-loving, technology-geek heart:  70% of customers for their current line of programmable robotics are … [Read more...]